Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Shinobi Hunter Enshin of Misen Mini-Boss Guide

A guide on how to defeat Shinobi Hunter Enshin in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Shinobi Hunter Enshin of Misen Mini-Boss Guide

Number of Deathblow Markers 2
Reward Prayer Bead
Appearance Near the Sculptor’s Idol in Hirata Estate

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  • Before engaging Shinobi Hunter Enshin, defeat the surrounding enemies. Trying to fight Enshin at the same time as the minor enemies will almost always result in death.

Shinobi Hunter Enshin

  • Mikiri Counter is essential for the fight. It allows you to immediately counterattack after parrying Enshin’s attacks. You can build up Enshin’s posture stress this way and attack him three times.

Shinobi Hunter Enshin

  • If you keep some distance away from Enshin, it will be easy to identify what attack he is going to use.

Shinobi Hunter Enshin

  • Dangerous attacks cannot be countered. Try to determine if Enshin will perform one by getting familiar with his tells. The Dangerous Attack can be avoided by jumping.

Shinobi Hunter Enshin

  • Enshin has a long reach, making it difficult to attack him. It will be an easier fight if you don’t attempt to attack him head-on but instead focus on damaging him after parrying.

Shinobi Hunter Enshin


Attack Details
Low Attack
Charges for a brief period before rushing at you. Dodge when he gets close.
Pushing Up
A thrust attack performed after Enshin’s spear shines. Very powerful.
Nagi-Shiki (Revenge)
Swings the spear from right to left. Has a wide range.
Four Strikes
Performs four consecutive spear thrusts. The timing is easy to get down, making it easy to avoid.
Cut Up Swings his spear upward.
Continuous Pounding A series of attacks without many gaps. Can sometimes be chained from Cut Up.

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