Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Experience Farming Guide

A guide on farming experience in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, including the best locations to grind them in the game.

Sekiro Experience Farming Guide

Respawning Enemies

Enemies you have killed in a specific area, except bosses and mini bosses, will respawn after you rest at a Sculptor’s Idol. This allows you to farm enemies indefinitely for experience.

Best Experience Farming Locations

Ashina Castle

Main Gate

A single run in Ashina Castle’s main gate allows you to earn an average of 500 experience by killing the enemies as you travel clockwise up the hill before coming back to the Sculptor’s Idol to rest. One run only takes about 3 to 4 minutes.

Step Details
1 Kill the four soldiers on the path going up the slope.
2 Head to the right using the grappling hook.
3 Kill the enemy on the roof.
4 Kill the other soldiers and dogs.
5 Head back to the Sculptor’s Idol at Ashina Castle to make the enemies respawn.
6 Repeat.

*You’ll need to take out the Samurai General.

Sunken Valley

Alternate Path

Past the Sculptor’s Idol is an area with a lot of soldiers that lets you get 320 experience in 1 minute.

Step Details
1 Kill the two soldiers in the area reached by the grappling hook.
2 Return to the Sculptor’s Idol and rest.
3 Repeat

Flooded Palace

Flower Viewing Stage Route

Defeating the three enemies near the Flower Viewing Stage Sculptor’s Idol nets you 2000 experience in just 45 seconds.

Step Details
1 Kill the enemies dressed in blue using Shinobi Deathblow.
2 Kill the enemies in the surrounding area. Get the enemies’ jump-attack-jump-attack pattern down in order to defeat them
3 Return to the Sculptor’s Idol.
4 Repeat.

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