Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Permanent Events

A list of permanent events and decisions in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Read these before starting your first playthrough to avoid making wrong decisions.

Permanent Events in Sekiro

Money and Experience lost upon death cannot be recovered

Refusing to revive yourself after you are killed will cause you to lose half of your experience and money. These cannot be recovered afterward.

You cannot befriend hostile NPCs

All NPCs can be attacked. Attacking an NPC once by mistake won’t turn them hostile, though they will turn against you if you hit them multiple times. Note that there is no way to earn back their favor after they have turned hostile, barring you from any events or services involving them for the duration of the playthrough.

Will Treasure Carp reappear in the same area if you missed them?

About Treasure Carp that don’t reappear

A Treasure Carp will not reappear once you’ve obtained its scales. Workarounds like restarting the game, moving to another area and coming back, using the Sculptor’s Idol, or any other method of revival will not make them reappear.

Treasure Carp will reappear at the Feeding Ground

Any Treasure Carp you missed finding will automatically appear at the Feeding Ground in the Flooded Palace. There are around 10 of them encountered in the area.

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