Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Headless Guardian Ape Boss Guide

Information and strategy guide on how to defeat the Headless Guardian Ape, a boss enemy in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Headless Guardian Ape

Number of Deathblow Markers 2
Reward Memory: Headless Ape, Prayer Bead x2
Appearance Ashina Depths (Poison Pool)

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1st HP Bar

  • The Headless Ape’s attacks are mostly the same as the Guardian Ape’s. To see our guide on how to defeat the first Guardian Ape, click here.
  • The dangerous jumping attack is a new move. Move as far away as possible from the boss before it comes down.

Headless Guardian Ape

Once he jumps high, he is preparing for his dangerous jumping attack.

Headless Guardian Ape

Jump backward to avoid getting hit by the ape’s blade.

  • After the dangerous attack, the boss may perform a slow vertical slash. Since you have a few seconds to prepare for the attack, parry it for an opening to counter afterward.

Headless Guardian Ape

The timing of the parry is the same as against the first Guardian Ape.

Headless Guardian Ape

The ape will be very vulnerable once you parry the attack.

2nd HP Bar

  • During this phase, a large brown ape will appear as enemy reinforcement. There is no need to kill the brown ape, but it is easy to defeat since its HP is half of the Headless Ape’s. Using a spinning shuriken is effective against the brown ape to easily build up its posture.

Headless Guardian Ape

The brown ape will disappear once you defeat the Guardian Ape.

  • In order to not get ambushed by one ape while fighting another, you must position yourself where you can see both apes on the screen.

Headless Guardian Ape

Keep your distance when fighting the apes.

  • The brown ape’s attacks are almost the same as the Guardian Ape when he was not headless, but the new enemy cannot use the previous ape’s dangerous moves. If you are far away, the brown ape may leap toward you and perform a falling attack. Avoid this move and strike once he is vulnerable.

Headless Guardian Ape

You can use a firecracker to stop the brown ape from moving. This allows you to focus on dealing damage to the Headless Ape.

  • You can also throw shuriken at the brown ape to deal damage from a distance.

Headless Guardian Ape

Throwing fifteen shuriken will take out a quarter of the ape’s HP.

  • The Headless Ape’s attacks are still the same as before. Once you kill the brown ape, it is easy to deal with the boss if you memorized his moves.

Headless Guardian Ape


Attack Details
Blood Roar
The Headless Ape roars and emits a bloody scream that significantly increases your Fear the longer you are in its area.
Low Rowing Attack
The boss does a sweeping attack from left to right.
Jumping Attack
The ape leaps high and performs a sweeping slash once he is on the ground.
Continuous Attack + Vertical Slash The Headless boss attacks wildly. After the wild attacks, the ape raises the blade above his head and slashes downwards. It can be deflected.
Sliding Attack The ape slides and tries to hit you. Can be avoided and leaves the ape open to attacks.
Continuous Slashes Headless Ape slashes uncontrollably. Hard to parry.

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