Trials of Mana Remake - Item List

A list of all usable items in Trials of Mana Remake.

Trials of Mana - Class Change Items


Consumable Items

Name Effect
Magic Walnut Restores 20 MP
Round Drop Restores 100 HP
Pakkun Chocolate Restores 300 HP
Honey Drink Fully restores HP
Puipui Grass Cures status effects
Stardust Herb Removes magic effects
Angel’s Grail Revives ally
Magical Rope Brings you back to the dungeon’s entrance
Dreamsee Herb Switches between night and day

Throwable Weapons

Name Effect
Dart Inflicts damage
Hand Axe Inflicts damage
Pumpkin Bomb Inflicts damage and restores self’s MP

Magic Items

Magic Damage

Name Effect
Assassineye Casts Poison bubble to 1 enemy
Basilisk’s Fang Casts Stone cloud to 1 enemy
Bearclaw Casts Stone saber to 1 enemy
Darkness Coin Evil gate to 1 or more enemies
Dragon Fang Cold blaze to 1 enemy
Earth Coin Diamond Missile to 1 or more enemies
Fire Lizard’s Fang Blaze Wall to 1 enemy
Flame Coin Fireball to 1 or more enemies
Ghost’s Eye Death magic to 1 enemy
Grell Oil Aura wave to 1 enemy
Harpy’s Fang Stun wind to 1 enemy
Ice Coin Ice Smash to 1 enemy
Imp Eye Change 1 or more enemies
Light Coin Holy ball to 1 or more enemies
Moon Coin Lunatic to 1 enemy
Myconid’s Eye Sleep flower to 1 enemy
Shadowzero’s Eye Black curse to 1 enemy
Specter’s Eye Anti-magic to 1 enemy
Storm Coin Air blast to 1 or more enemies


Name Effect
Carmilla’s Claw Applies Moon saber to 1 ally
Crawler’s Claw Applies Leaf saber to 1 ally
Demon’s Claw Applies Dark saber to 1 ally
Kerberos’ Claw Applies Flame saber to 1 ally
Molebear’s Claw Applies Diamond saber to 1 ally
Papa Poto’s Claw Applies Saint saber to 1 ally
Poseidon’s Claw Applies Ice saber to 1 ally
Siren’s Claw Applies Thunder saber to 1 ally
Wolf Devil Oil Energy ball to 1 ally
Mama Poto Oil Applies Twinkle Rain to 1 or more allies.
Matango Oil Applies counter magic to 1 ally
Pakkun Oil Applies Magic shield to 1 ally
Porobin Oil Applies Life booster to 1 ally
Poto Oil Restores HP for 1 or more allies
Mama Poto Oil Applies Twinkle Rain to 1 or more allies

Stat Modifiers

Name Effect
Bird’s Scale Speed up for 1 ally
Drake’s Scale Power up for 1 ally
Sahagin’s Scale Mind up for 1 ally
Bulette’s Scale Protect for 1 ally
Needlion’s Eye Speed down for 1 enemy
Slime’s Eye Power down for 1 enemy
Battum’s Eye Mind down for 1 enemy
Bee’s Eye Protect down for 1 enemy

Mana Spirits

Name Effect
Dryad Icon Transform 1 ally
Gnome Icon Earthquake for 1 enemy
Lumina Icon Saint Beam for 1 enemy
Salamando Icon Explode for 1 enemy
Luna Icon Half vanish for 1 enemy
Shade Icon Dark Force for 1 enemy
Sylphid Icon Thunderstorm for 1 enemy
Undine Icon Mega Splash for 1 enemy

Class Change Items

Change Class Items


Name Effect
Item Seed Can be planted at the Magic Pot at the Inn to produce items.
Flying Item Seed Plant to harvest throwing items.
Magic Seed Plant to harvest consumable magic items.
Mysterious Seed Plant to harvest healing items.
Weapon/ Armor Seed Plant to harvest gear and weapons.
Seed Plant to harvest class change items.

Item Seeds

Key Items

Name Effect
Gunpowder Given to the operator of first cannon.
Wind Drum Summon Flammie.
Pihyara Flute Summons turtles
Moogle Badge Toggles moogle status
Illusion Mirror Shows mirage palace
Chibbikko Hammer Alters your allies’ size.

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