Trials of Mana Remake - Nightblade Class

Nightblade class information for Hawkeye in Trials of Mana Remake. Included are an overview of the class, stats, class change requirements, techniques, spells, locked abilities, class strikes.

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Trials of Mana - Nightblade Class

One of Hawkeye’s tier 3 classes. Among the new tools he acquires, the Nightblade class learns new spells that can immobilize enemies like Weapon Smack and Needle Shower. The Nightblade not only cripples enemies but also hits hard enough to take out common enemies in one shot.


Class Nightblade
Character Hawkeye
Tier 3
Weapons Daggers
Bio (Role) Speedy fighter with luck for finding items

Stat Bonuses


The Nightblade competes with the Ninja Master class for having a remarkable attack stat among Hawkeye’s tier 3 classes.

Class Change Requirement

Must be a tier 2 class and attained level 38.

Locked Abilities

Name Effect
Cutthroat 10% chance of destroying enemy instantly when attacking enemy with status effect.

Class Strikes

Name Effect
Split Slash Create a copy and damage multiple enemies in the area at the same time.

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