Trials of Mana Remake - Mondoragon Boss Guide

Boss guide for Mondoragon in Trials of Mana Remake. This includes the boss enemy's strengths and weaknesses, stats and skills, and recommended battle strategies.

Trials of Mana - Mondoragon Boss Guide

Guide on How to Defeat Mondoragon

Mondoragon is one of the final bosses that you need to defeat in Trials of Mana. Mondoragon is a giant spiky dragon. The boss is encountered in Duran/Angela’s route at Sanctuary of Mana.

Mondoragon Information

Here is a breakdown of the boss’ strengths and weaknesses, stats, and skills.

Mondoragon Stats

Target Areas Body, face, neck, Right foreleg, Left foreleg, Right hind leg, Left hind leg, tail
Weaknesses None
Recommended Level
EXP Rewards
Lucre Rewards
Other Rewards

Mondoragon Skills

Skill Skill Effect
Claw Swipe One of Mondoragon’s regular attacks. He goes forward and swings his claws.
Dragon Roar One of Mondoragon’s regular attacks. Does small damage and has knocks back the enemies.
Foot Stomp One of Mondoragon’s regular attacks. He creates a large circle nearby and then crushes it.
Dive Bomb Mondoragon takes to the skies and charges below.
Flare Mondoragon takes to the skies and then shoots fire on straight lines for 3 times.
Cold Blaze Mondoragon creates a small area of effect and then channels the ground with ice magic.
Crosswind Mondoragon prepares a wide area of effect in front and then sends off a large cyclone that hits several times.
Stun Gust Mondoragon channels a small cyclone to hit multiple enemies.
Fire Wall Mondoragon glides in the air and then summons columns of fire.
Stone Cloud Mondoragon’s Earth elemental magic which causes damage and inflicts Petrify.
Lucent Beam + One of Mondoragon’s mix-ups while he’s using regular attacks.
Charge Mondoragon exits the boss area and then rushes against the enemy. The attack covers a wide area.
Fury Fang One of Mondoragon’s physical attacks. The attack is a stronger variation of his Claw Swipe.
Air Rush The attack is a variation of Fire Pillar.
Moon Spiral One of Mondoragon’s more heavy-hitting attacks. He calls for a crescent in the middle of the area. When it connects, the attack deals severe damage.
Explode + Mondoragon tends to combine this fast magic with his other physical attacks.
Raging Tempest One of Mondoragon’s more heavy-hitting attacks. The boss whips up a huge tornado that traps the enemy.

Mondoragon Strategy

Here is a breakdown of the battle strategy against the boss.

Bring support magic

You can opt to combine Moon Saber with the rest of your high level equipment to nail some big damage while you weaken Mondoragon.

Follow the markings

The boss loves to perform mix-ups and combines his physical attacks with spells. Having said that, you need to pay attention to markings that appear on the floor and determine the path you need to go through while close the distance and punish him.

Attack his hind legs

Mondoragon’s move pool consists of many attacks that cause damage on the path he faces directly. To get around them, make sure to stay behind him to minimize the damage sustained. Cleave one of his hind legs to whittle him down and watch out for status effects and magic spells that appear.

Use Class Strikes sparingly

It can be tempting to punish him with class strikes the moment you find a window, however just like dodging, you need to time them well. A great opportunity is to get the class strikes in right after the boss completes a round of aerial attacks.

Interrupt the powerful attacks

Mondoragon carries plenty of attacks and two of these take loads of health. Like other boss fights, look for objects that spawn around the area when you find the boss charging. Here, you’ll need strike the moon in the center. After approaching them, quickly take turns to bring the gauge down to stop the charged attack. If you can’t afford to do it in time, you need to be on full health to withstand the attack. Be sure to heal right away.

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