Trials of Mana Remake - Remake Version Changes

Guide on Remake Version Changes in Trials of Mana Remake. Included are an overview, new story features, post game additions, battle system changes, stat growth changes, and appearance changes.

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Trials of Mana Remake Changes

Below is a list of changes not found in the original game. So far, the information summarized below are roughly translated. We will update this when the game comes out.

Prologue Experience event

The Prologue Experience gives you a chance to witness the prologue of characters that you did not pick when you load up the main story. Here, you can read more about the lore of those characters and get a grasp of each of their history and their purpose for embarking on a journey. The prologue section can be skipped.

Li’l Cactus Hunt

An optional side quest found in the remake is the Li’l Cactus mini-game. After finding the hidden cactus in the overworld, you’ll score adventure-related effects.

All Li’l Cactus Locations

New Game Plus

After completing the story for the first time, you’ll unlock New Game Plus. Many features can be found in New Game Plus. Options range from choosing classes that you have not previously selected, and inviting new characters to become companions to name a few.

New Game Plus Guide

Tier 4 Classes

Trials of Mana - Beast King Class Trials of Mana - Divine Hero Class Trials of Mana - Meteorite Class

One of remake’s attractive features is the ability to class change past tier 3. The tier 4 classes appears after completing the main story.

How to Unlock Tier 4 Classes

Battle System

Trials of Mana Remake - Combat System

The remake version received new features for the battle system. In the remake, players need to get familiar with the controls in order to attack or dodge enemies in combat. There’s also a jump mechanic which enables the player to get a better feel of the remake’s 3D environment.

Advanced Attack pattern

Unlike the original game, the characters can now employ more complex combos through the use of more input combinations. Here is a short summary of the possible actions using the new attack pattern:

  • ○ – Attack
  • ○ → △ – Blow-out attack
  • ○→ ○ → △ – Wide range attack
  • △ – Blunt attack


Shortcuts for using abilities

You can assign hotkeys to use abilities this time around. There is a total of 4 assigned shortcuts that can be used which either an item or a spell can occupy. Take note of the item or spell and its corresponding shortcut to use them on the fly.

Boss area gimmicks

Trials of Mana Remake - Area Gimmicks

Certain gimmicks can be used to make boss encounters smoother. For example, you can interrupt a boss from unleashing a powerful attack when timing the gimmick correctly. Combine different tactics to beat the bosses.

Earn bonus experience

Meet certain conditions while in battle to earn more experience. For instance, if you can manage to defeat enemies without taking any damage, you’ll receive more experience. Other conditions involve beating enemies under a certain amount of time or using special attacks at specific times.

Stat growth

No Agility stat

Since attacks can be dodged using commands, the agility stat no longer appears in the remake version.

Stat distribution changes

Another change from the original game is that you’ll receive bonus stat points after reaching the next level. Stats can also reward you with “training points.” Aim to accumulate these points to boost your stats and unlock new abilities.

Stat Allocation and Abilities

Deciding stats

Abilities are tied to the stats you assign. Set a goal on how you plan on building your character to unlock certain abilities that can prove useful for later phases.

Appearance changes

Apart from new costumes that come with the class changes, when a character equips a new weapon, the weapon’s model will also change.

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