Trials of Mana Remake - Black Rabite Locations

A guide on where to find the Black Rabite secret boss in Trials of Mana Remake, including conditions to make the boss appear and rewards obtained after defeating it.

Trials of Mana - Black Rabite Locations

Black Rabite

Trials of Mana Remake - Black Rabite Location

The Black Rabite is an extremely powerful boss version of the common Rabite. It far surpasses the challenge offered by the final boss of the main story, making it one of the toughest battles you will face in the game.

The Black Rabite has high stats and many hard-hitting attacks at its disposal. It is recommended to attempt the boss when you are at a significantly high level and have unlocked the tier 4 classes after beating the game.

How to Unlock Tier 4 Classes


The Black Rabite appears at different spots in the game world depending on the characters in your party. To reach the Black Rabite, interact with the Black Rabite statues found in various areas after clearing each of the story dungeons for each pair of characters.

Once the story dungeons have been cleared, the Black Rabite statue will spawn. Examine the statue to be teleported to the area where Black Rabite is.

Characters Dungeon Area Location
Duran/Angela Crystal Dessert Crystal Dessert entrance.
Kevin/Charlotte Mirage Palace Mirage Palace entrance.
Hawkeye/Riesz Dark Palace Cavern entrance.

Rewards for Defeating Black Rabite

Trials of Mana Remake - Obsidian Power Chain Ability

Defeating the Black Rabite rewards you with the Black Rabite chain ability Obsidian Power which reduces the cost of all special abilities to 0. This is among the best chain abilities to obtain and well worth the effort of having defeated one of the strongest monsters in the game.

Black Rabite also has a chance to drop an item called Moogle Pin. The item is used to inflict or cure any characters of the “moogled” status.

Chain Abilities List and Guide

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  1. The black rabite also dropped the key item “moogle pin” for me as a reward. This allows you to switch back and forth between moogle form.

  2. Black Rabbite for Riesz is in Dark Palace. Just talk to the Rabbite statue outside the cavern and it will teleport you up the head I think it’s left through a door that was previously blocked off. He’s in that room.