Trials of Mana Remake - Character Attributes Guide

A guide on character attributes in Trials of Mana Remake. Included are the descriptions for each of attribute and how to view them in the game.

Trials of Mana - Character Attributes Guide

Character Attributes Explained

Attributes are the playable character’s “stats” in Trials of Mana. Each playable character has a unique starting distribution of attributes that affect their performance in battle.

How to View Attributes

To view a character’s attributes, open the Main Menu and select Training. This will display the attributes of a selected character in the party, as well as their abilities or moves.

Trials of Mana - Character Attributes

When party member gains one level increase, they will gain 1 Training Point that can be manually distributed among the five attributes. While investing training points on a particular attribute, there are certain abilities or moves that will be unlocked.

Stat Allocation and Abilities Guide

List of Attributes

Attribute Details
STR Increases physical damage dealt to enemies.
STA Increases HP and defense, lowering the damage taken by each attack from enemies. Also, increases the probability that enemy physical attacks will miss.
INT Increases magic damage dealt and reduces magic damage taken from enemies. Also, increases the probability that enemy magic attacks will miss.
SPRT Increase non-offensive, support magic such as healing.
LUCK Increase critical hit chance to enemies.

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  1. Just wanted to expand on this article / explanation a bit… (Without giving away spoilers.)

    Training Points: You will begin to receive 2 training points per level gained at some point in the game, increasing up to 3 points per level gain.

    Increasing ‘Magic’ / ‘Move’ damage or potency: Not all magic comes from “INT” (intellect). Hawkeye’s ‘Trap’ moves and Sabre moves are not intellect based. Important to note that increasing INT does not mean increasing magic on a base-line level.

    LUCK increases not just critical hit chance, but the damage of many of Hawkeye’s ‘non-elemental’ abilities. (I’ve unlocked/played all but 2 classes on every character–the only one that sticks out to me that is luck based, is Hawkeye.)

    SPECULATION is, Luck also increases the “RNG” of certain “abilities” you equip as well. Such as “Random Debuff II” which has a 20% chance of giving the enemy a debuff when using a power attack. Playing around with this, I speculate it increases that RNG chance in your favor.

    As well, I am 99.78% certain LUCK increases the rarity of items that appear from chests, the amount gained from chests, and the effectiveness of Hawkeye’s locked ability, “Plunder”. (Experience coming from 3 play-throughs of the game with Hawkeye, 2 times with him at level 99 with maxed-out luck and a 50 boost to the base luck stat!)

    Enjoy, hope it helps!