Trials of Mana Remake - How to Unlock Tier 4 Classes

A guide on how to unlock tier 4 classes in Trials of Mana Remake, including how to obtain the required class change items, a summary of each of the classes' abilities and class strikes.

Trials of Mana - How to Unlock Tier 4 Job Classes

Unlocking Tier 4 Classes

Trials of Mana Remake features the addition of tier 4 classes which represent the final paths for each of the six playable characters.

Trials of Mana - How to Unlock Tier 4 Classes

To unlock tier 4 classes, you must clear the new story episode added for each character after beating the game. Head to the Valsena Royal Library to begin the post-game story. Note that your characters must have already unlocked tier 3 classes to change to tier 4.

Post-Game Unlockables

Post-Game Episode Bosses

Trials of Mana - How to Unlock Tier 4 Classes

Each of the character’s post-game episodes require you to defeat unique bosses to obtain the required tier 4 class change item.

Character Boss Item
Duran Gold Knight Loki Valor Sphere
Angela Angela (Boss) Sage Sphere
Kevin Beastman King Instinct Sphere
Charlotte Revenant Hope Sphere
Hawkeye Mimic Queen Loyal Sphere
Riesz Empress Bee Kind Sphere

Tier 4 Classes


Class Locked Abilities Class Strikes
Divine Hero (Light) Super Healing: Heal beyond max HP when receiving recovery effect exceeding it up to 30% in battle Radiant Rend: Speedy, successive slashes deal massive damage to a magically bound enemy
Berserker (Dark) Frenzy: Attack and defense increased by 2% when normal attack hits (up to 30%) Hellion Fury: Fighting spirit surrounds enemy and deals massive damage


Class Locked Abilities Class Strikes
Mystic Queen (Light) Elemental Master: Deal damage regardless of resistant element. Blessed Pledge: An Angela original: two opposing elements combine for massive damage.
Spellbinder (Dark) Greed: Recover 3% of MP when receiving damage. Ton Annihilation: 1000-ton block of ice falls and deals massive damage to enemies in the area of attack.


Class Locked Abilities Class Strikes
Beast King (Light) Gem: Cannot be knocked back while using a charge attack, opponent’s damage decreased by 20%. Qilin Assault: Rock is thrown into the enemy from above for massive damage.
Annihilator (Dark) Evil Spirit: Attack increase by 3% when normal attack hits (up to 30%). Dragon Torrent: High-powered energy shoots forward and deals massive damage.


Class Locked Abilities Class Strikes
High Priestess (Light) Salvation: Recover 100% HP for all fainted allies when fainted. Kablooey: Magically enlarged flail falls on enemy’s head and explodes for massive damage.
Chaosbringer (Dark) Small-fry: Decreases all enemies’ magic attack and magic defense when battle starts. Whamblast: Manipulates the dark power in all things and deals massive damage in the area of attack.


Class Locked Abilities Class Strikes
Wardenkeep (Light) About Face: Stat decrease effect swapped for stat increase. Petal Crossfire: Strike after strike of thrown hidden weapons deal massive damage to enemy.
Vigilante (Dark) Dark Zone: All enemies’ attack decreased at start of battle. Shackle Sting: Special chains bind the enemy and a spiritual dagger deals massive damage.


Class Locked Abilities Class Strikes
Meteorite (Light) Light of Relief: Recover 10% of HP for all allies when using a class strike. Elysium Slash: Holy Power brings a meteor from the sky, dealing massive damage to the area of attack
Brynhildr (Dark) Surprise Aid: Adds 35% of CS gauge for random ally when player uses class strike. Raptor Lance: Thunder strikes while cloaked in fighting spirit and deals massive damage.

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