Trials of Mana Remake - Post-Game Unlockables

A guide on all unlockable features in Trials of Mana Remake.

Trials of Mana - Post-Game Unlockables

Post-Game Unlockables

Tier 4 Classes

Trials of Mana - Divine Hero Class Trials of Mana - Sorceress Class Trials of Mana - High Priestess Class

After clearing the main story, head to the Valsena Royal Library for some story cutscenes that prompt your characters to return to their homelands. Doing so will unlock a character’s two new tier 4 classes, allowing you to choose between the most powerful “Light” or “Dark” class in their job paths.

How to Unlock Tier 4 Classes

Anise’s Stockade

Trials of Mana Remake - Anise's Stockade

A new dungeon called Anise’s Stockade will be accessible after you clear the main story and unlocked tier 4 classes for each of your characters. The area features high-level enemies that commonly drop items seeds, including rainbow seeds.

How to Farm Item Seeds

Anise’s Stockade is also the best place to grind EXP before facing the post-game boss Anise (level 75-76). After defeating Anise, Anise’s Stockade will be free to explore at any point during the game.

Leveling Guide

New Game Plus

Trials of Mana Remake - New Game Plus

Defeating Anise will unlock New Game Plus which lets you start from the beginning of the main story. Character levels, equipment, and items obtained will carry over in New Game Plus, though unlocked classes, spells and abilities will not. Acquired training points will remain but will be reset.

How to Reset Training Points

New Chain Abilities

New Game Plus features new chain abilities such as granting characters a 300% increase in EXP gained when defeating enemies. Each character will also gain unique chain abilities according to their strengths and characteristics.

Chain Abilities Guide

Anise Time Trial Mode

The Anise Time Trial mode can be accessed after defeating Anise in the post-game story. This lets you challenge the great witch again to beat her in the fastest possible time across different game difficulties.

Time Trial Rewards

Below is a summary of new chain abilities rewarded for clearing the Anise Time Trial mode.

Difficulty Time Reward
Normal or higher Within 6 minutes. Chaos Protection: Increase SP of all allies at the start of battle by 100%.
Hard Within 4 minutes Power of Darkness: Fully recover the HP of all allies at the start of battle.
Hard Within 2 minutes. Mana Miracle: Items used in battle are not expended.

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