Trials of Mana Remake - How to Farm Item Seeds

Item seed farming guide for Trials of Mana Remake. Inlcuded are information on how to get item seeds, silver item seeds, gold item seeds, rainbow items seeds and ??? item seeds.

Trials of Mana - How to Farm Rainbow Item Seeds

How to Farm Item Seeds

Trials of Mana - Farming Rainbow Seeds

Item seeds can be planted in the magic pot at an inn to obtain rare equipment, including weapons, armor, helmets, accessories, and even class change items. There are a total of five types of item seeds which are found in the game.

Best Equipment for Each Character

Name Effect How to Obtain
Item Seed Low chance to yield rare items. Obtained from Rabites and Goblins (Jadd field).
Silver Item Seed Moderate chance to yield rare items. Obtained from Sahagin (Frostbite Fields), White Rabites (Sanctuary of Mana), high-level wolf enemies such as Werewolf, Wolfiend, and Grislwolf (Anise’s Stockade).
Gold Item Seed Good chance to yield rare items. High-level wolf enemies such as Werewolf, Wolfiend, and Grislwolf (Anise’s Stockade).
Rainbow Item Seed Best chance to yield rare items. High-level enemies such as Guardian and Metal Kin (Anise’s Stockade).
??? Item Seed Yields a random class change item. Dungeon treasure chests, Queeneebs (Woods of Wandara after rescuing Faeirie), high-level wolf enemies such as Werewolf, Wolfiend, (Grislwolf in Anise’s Stockade).

Best Place to Farm Seeds

Trials of Mana - Anise's Stockade

The best place to farm item seeds is in Anise’s Stockade (post-game). The area features high-level enemies such as Guardian, Metal Kin, Werewolf, Wolfiend, and Griswolf that have a high chance of dropping rare seeds, including rainbow item seeds and ??? seeds. Anise’s Stockade is also the best place to level up fast, especially if you use cookies.

How to Level Up Fast

For farming ??? seeds earlier in the game, hunt for Queenebs found in Woods of Wandara after rescuing Faerie during the main story.

Increasing the chances of getting rare items

Trials of Mana - Planter Level

Aside from the type of seed planted, the chances of obtaining rare items increases the higher you Planter Level is. Enemies are also more likely to drop seeds this way. Because of this, it is recommended to plant as often as you can regardless of what seeds you have to raise your Planter Level.

Leveling Up the Magic Pot

The magic pot will level up after planting seeds a certain number of times. Below is a summary when the pot will be upgraded.

Level No. of Seeds Planted
2 20
3 30
4 50
5 100

Find 45 Li’l Cactus Locations

Trials of Mana - Lil Cactus

Finding Li’l Cactus in 45 locations grants you a buff that increases the chances of getting rare items from planting item seeds. Be sure to check all towns and dungeons you visit to avoid missing the little fellow.

All Li’l Cactus Locations

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  1. HI, I would like to share about how to get the alternative “??? Seeds”.
    As you might try, you will be getting only 2 class selections from available 4 classes.
    To get the remaining 2 class, you have to reset and choose the alternate second class, for example if your second class is light, then you need to reset and change it into dark, and vice versa.
    Then after that you can try to plant you “??? Seeds”.
    Please do save before you plant the seeds.
    If it fails you on the first time you can always reroll it.

    Do not plant your “??? seeds” when you’re in 3rd class, unless you want to have the same class as it is.


  2. Does anyone have a list of what comes out of Seeds? I just got Mana Armor from Gold, and I want to know what else these things hold.

    • I think almost ANY seed can give you end-game gear if the flower put is leveled up high enough, and if you have the Li’l Cactus bonus. I’ve even gotten that gear from Silver seeds.

      The exception seems to be ??? seeds, which ONLY give class-change items.

  3. So far after several resets I’ve found the ??? Seeds do not reset. My first seed was a rune book for Angela every time I reset for my group. But my six seeds were 1 of each class item for my team.

    • If it’s like the original, then you will need to go and kill enemies since the item value is tied to your exp value. So if you go out and kill a rabite that gives you 3 exp then go and plant the seed, you’ll get the same item. If you kill a rabite and a mushroom that gives you 5 exp total then you’ll get a different item.

      Try that and see if that works out for you.

      • It’s not. I had 3 seeds planted them got 1 item for each character. Reset went back to Nerval fortress and farmed the demons for 2 more. Planted the 3 seeds again got the same items in the same order.

      • Fought some enemies outside beiser, received 154 experience (177 after bonus) neither is divisible by 3, got the same items before and after the battle.