Trials of Mana Remake - How to Reset Class

Guide on how to reset your playable character's current class in Trials of Mana Remake.

Trials of Mana - How to Reset Stats

Class Reset Guide

In Trials of Mana, you can perform a class reset for your playable characters.

Trials of Mana - Class Reset

If you want to change the current class of your character, you need to have a “Goddess Scale” on-hand. A Goddess Scale can be found in the final dungeon of your main character’s story route after you have defeated Zable Fahr. Five more Goddess Scales can be obtained in the post-game dungeon Anise’s Stockade.

Where to find Goddess Scales

Resetting Classes

Trials of Mana Remake - How to Reset Class

Once you have a Goddess Scale, head to the special statue at the center of the Mana Sanctuary and perform a class reset. Upon doing so, your character will be reverted back to its starting class along with a few character features.

  • Spent training points are reset and can be redistributed.
  • Assigned shortcut commands are removed.
  • Equipped weapons, armor, headgear, and accessories are removed.

Should you reset your class?

Keep in mind that since Goddess Scales cannot be farmed, decide carefully if you really want to reset a character’s class. To avoid having to use one, it is recommended to have already planned out your character’s class progression.

Best Classes for Each Character


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