Trials of Mana Remake - Knight Class

Knight class information for Duran in Trials of Mana Remake. Included are an overview of the class, stats, class change requirements, techniques, spells, locked abilities, class strikes.

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One of the tier 2 class changes for Duran which has high defense. The Knight class learns a new technique and a spell which helps it double as a support class.


Class Knight
Character Duran
Type Light
Tier 2
Weapons Swords, Shields
Bio (Role) Physical damage, support


Strength Stamina Intellect Spirit Luck

Unlike the Warrior, the Knight trades some strength in favor of getting higher defense and access to support magic.

Class Change Requirement

Must be level 18.

Skills and Abilities

Name Effect Requirement
Counterattack II Increases attack power by 15% for 30 seconds when damaged. 9 STR
Charge Up Increases damage dealt by charge attacks by 30%. 12 STR
Strength +5 Increase attack power by 5. 15 STR
HP +10 Increase HP by 5. 9 STA
Defense Posture II Increase defense and magic defense by 10% when charging. (Chain Ability) 12 STA
Stamina +5 Increase defense by 5. 15 STA
Special Skill Recovery Up II Increase the amount of HP recovered using special skills by 20% in battle. 9 INT
Indomitability II Increase attack power by 20% when inflicted with status conditions. 12 INT
Intelligence +5 Increase intelligence by 5. 15 INT
Heal Light Restore HP of allies (5 MP) 9 SPRT
Spirit +5 Increase spirit by 5. 9 SPRT
Recovery Magic MP Save Reduces MP cost of recovery magic by 30% during battle. 12 SPRT
Spirit +5 Increase spirit by 5. 15 SPRT
Power Break 30% chance to reduce enemy attack power when landing a critical hit. 9 LUCK
Survive 20% chance to withstand a fatal blow with 1 HP. (Chain Ability) 12 LUCK
Luck +5 Increase luck by 5. 15 LUCK

Locked Abilities

Name Effect
Bear It Defense increase by 10% for 10 sec. At the start of battle.

Class Strikes

Name Effect
Triple Slash Two slashes in a row followed by a forward thrust damages the enemy.

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