Trials of Mana Remake - Anise Boss Guide

Boss guide for Anise in Trials of Mana Remake. This includes the boss enemy's strengths and weaknesses, stats and skills, and recommended battle strategies

Trials of Mana - Anise Boss Guide

Guide on How to Defeat Anise

Anise is one of the bosses that you need to defeat in Trials of Mana. She appears in two forms. Her first form being a human dressed in an elegant blood red dress and emanates dark energy. Meanwhile, her final form appears as a large serpent-like creature. The boss appears in Anise’s Stockade X.

Trials of Mana - Anise

Boss Information

Here is a breakdown of the boss’ strengths and weaknesses, stats, and skills.

Anise’s Stats

Target Areas
EXP Rewards
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Anise’s Skills

First Phase

Each of high tier spells involves a crystal that matches the elemental magic she’ll be using.

Skill Skill Effect
Melee Spike Anise’s regular attack. She warps in front of 1 enemy and summons a spike.
Fireball + Anise summons multiple fireballs that hits all enemies.
Thunderstorm + Anise’s area of effect attack that summons lightning.
Cyclone + Anise summons a cyclone.
Earthquake + Another area of effect attack where the ground shakes.
Spike Freeze + Anise summons spikes of ice underneath the marked tiles.
Diamond Shards + Shares the water element with Spike Freeze, Anise summons a cloud that sprays sharp icicles.
Super Shackles Energy orbs surround the middle section of the boss area and then disperses outward.
Stun Gust Anise casts a cyclone in front of her.
Crystal Summon Anise revives the crystals.
Summon Shadow Zed Anise summons copies of your party.

Second Phase

Skill Skill Effect
Summon Shadow Zed Anise summons copies of your party.
Bite Barrage Anise charges at the enemy in a straight line. When it connects, the enemy becomes poisoned.
Arctic Beam Anise fires off several cold beams that tracks 1 enemy.
Dark Rain Anise summons clouds that hover over the enemies. Causes dark elemental damage.
Stone Cloud Anise summons clouds that hits many times. When it connects, the enemy may become petrified.
Destructobomb Marks appear around the area starting from the corner and then moves to the center. After some time, the marked spots explode.
Scarlet Dust Many dark crystals surround the area and will inflict massive damage depending on the amount of crystals left.
Flash An area of effect erupts from Anise and causes some damage and changes the enemy into a Moogle.
Charge Anise exits the boss area and a line appears. The line draws the direction of her incoming attack.
Ruin Wail Markers come out from the edges and cause an explosion.
Set Trap Anise paints the corners with fire balls and explode when enemies draw close.
Lucent Beam + Causes Light elemental magic damage and hits several times on many enemies.
Annihilate One of the boss’ weaker attacks. Anise vanishes and a marker appears to indicate where the attack will come from.
Gush Blast Anise exits the boss area and nukes you with energy beams from afar.

Boss Strategy

Here is a breakdown of the battle strategies against the boss.


Make sure to be at least level 75 before challenging Anise. Have your party equip mana accessory or gear that gives status effect immunity. In addition, bring a mixture of stat boosts and healing items. The collection of items depends on your roster. If your team lacks buffs, bring stat boosting items in their place.

First Phase

Anise first appears human on your first encounter. When the battle starts, she will prepare crystals around the area. Each crystal grants her an extra skill or two. The spells normally consist of high-power versions of standard spells. That being said, focus on breaking the crystals to prevent Anise from taking advantage of the spells that she draws from them. Don’t use your stat-boosting items just yet.

After removing the crystals, shift your attention and whittle down Anise to continue with the next phase.

Second Phase

After Anise has weakened, she’ll transform into a huge serpent-like beast. She acquires new skills and takes less delay in between using skills. You may now spend your stat-boosting items to amplify your attack damage. You’ll encounter multiple area of effect skills and the majority involves determining the path and then dodging marked areas. Many of these skills should be familiar to you by now. Among them, you’ll need to watch out for the following: Destructobomb, Gush Blast and Scarlet Dust.

Dodge the Destructobomb

One of Anise’s new attacks is Destructobomb. The marked areas start from the corner and then gradually move to the center. After reaching the middle, bombs set off and cause some damage and inflict blind status. When she starts using the skill, the key is to sprint to the middle of the area and then move outward until you reach the corner.

Getting past Gush Blast

Anise has some attacks where she vanishes from the field. Gust Blast is one of these and she’ll snipe you with an energy beam. The trick is to leap across the beam. After doding, you’ll earn enough time to heal or use stat-boosts.

Smash the crystals

Anise shares a similar skill with other beasts through this skill. Many dark crystals appear around the area and you’ll have to break all of them to interrupt the attack. If you suspect that there’s not enough time to spare breaking all of them, be sure to have full health on your party to survive the onslaught.

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