Trials of Mana Remake - Chapter 1: Stonesplit Gap Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough and guide for Stonesplit Gap in Trials of Mana Remake. Included also are list of items, enemies, and strategies.

Trials of Mana - Chapter 1: Stonesplit Gap Story Walkthrough

Chapter 1: Stonesplit Gap

Trials of Mana - Chapter 1: Stonesplit Gap

Trials of Mana Remake Walkthroughs

Story Objectives

Here is a summary of objectives needed to be accomplished in this chapter:

Objective Summary
Head to Valsena Traverse through Stonesplit Gap and reach the bridge leading to Valsena.

Obtainable Items

Here is a list of items that can be acquired in this chapter:

Stonesplit Gap III Items

Item Holder Location
20 Lucre Yellow Orb Beside the stone wall
Cup of Wishes x1 Treasure Chest In the corner
Chocolate x1 Treasure Chest Near the torch
30 Lucre Yellow Orb Near the mana statue


Here is a list of enemies encountered in this chapter:

Enemy Level Location
Rabite Lv.8 Stonesplit Gap III
Goblin Lv.8 Stonesplit Gap III
Machine Golem R Lv.9 Stonesplit Gap III

Chapter 1: Stonesplit Gap Walkthrough

Head to Valsena

Trials of Mana - Chapter 1: Stonesplit Gap - Angela

Stonesplit Gap III

1 From the entrance/exit of cave, head northwest.
2 Defeat Rabite (Level 8) and Goblin (Level 8) enemies encountered along the way.
3 Look for the 1st yellow orb nearby and acquire an item (20 Lucre).
4 Before going to the mana statue, move right and find the 1st treasure chest (Cup of Wishes).
5 Head downward passing through the terraces. Then find the 2nd treasure chest (Chocolate x1).
6 Return to the location of the mana statue. Before saving find the 2nd yellow orb (30 Lucre).
7 Interact with the mana statue and SAVE your current game.
8 Head northwest and leave the area.

Stonesplit Gap II (East)

1 In the next area, clear out the enemies near the bridge.
2 After clearing, go back to the vases to replenish your party’s HP and MP.
3 Return to the bridge for a cutscene.

Defeat Machine Golem R

Trials of Mana - Machine Golem R

1 Watch a cutscene
2 Defeat Machine Golem R (Level 9) boss enemies. Avoid the range of their attacks while you take out one golem at a time.
Machine Golem R Boss Guide
3 After defeating the boss, you will return to the Free City of Maia automatically.

Item Locations

Below are the in-game locations of the obtainable items in this chapter:

Stonesplit Gap III Item Locations

In-Game Location Item and Location
Trials of Mana - Chapter 1: Stonesplit Gap - Orb Location 1 20 Lucre
Beside the stone wall
Trials of Mana - Chapter 1: Stonesplit Gap - Chest Location 1 Cup of Wishes x1
In the corner
Trials of Mana - Chapter 1: Stonesplit Gap - Chest Location 2 Candy x1
Near the torch
Trials of Mana - Chapter 1: Stonesplit Gap - Orb Location 2 30 Lucre
Near the mana statue

Tips and Strategies

Here is a list of the tips and strategies for this chapter:

Visit the Mana Statue

Trials of Mana - Chapter 1: Stonesplit Gap - Mana Statue

Approach the mana statue to replenish your party’s HP and MP gauges. Also, you can save your current game since you will be having a boss battle later.

Machine Golem R Boss Strategies

Here is a breakdown of the battle strategies against the boss:

Setup your Battle Strategy

Target Other Enemies
Tactics Protection is Paramount
Moves Use moves without MP falling to 75%
Class Strikes Do not use class strikes
Healing Items Leave at least 5 of each items in stock

There are two boss enemies in this battle so we advise you assign one of your AI companions to each boss

Focus on One Golem First

Trials of Mana - Machine Golem R - Focus on one boss enemy first

You will start the boss battle with two boss enemies on opposite sides. Focus your attacks and abilities on one golem first until the other golem reaches your range.

Use Range Abilities

Trials of Mana - Machine Golem R - Use Holy Bolt

If you have Angela in your party, kite the boss enemies from a distance using Holy Bolt. If you ran out of MP, consume a Faerie Walnut or switch to another party member.

Recover Allies’ HP using Heal or Candies

Trials of Mana - Machine Golem R - Use Candy to Heal

Use Charlotte’s healing ability or candies in order to replenish your allies HP.

Jump and Roll to Avoid the Bosses’ Target Range

Trials of Mana - Machine Golem R - Jump and Roll

Dash away or dodge in order to avoid the bosses’ ranged moves. You can also jump and roll if you want to avoid the target red lines.

Use Class Strikes to Deal Heavy Damage

Trials of Mana - Machine Golem R - Use Class Strikes

Use Class Strikes to deal more damage to the boss. If you want it to be optimal, make sure your CS covers both enemy golems. Switch among your party members to unleash multiple barrages of class strikes.

Deal Combo Attacks

Trials of Mana - Machine Golem R - Use Combo Attacks

If your character ran out of MP and CS gauges, deal combo attacks to the golems while avoiding their target lines. Once you have a character that has a full CS gauge, switch to that character and use his/her CS move.

Machine Golem R Boss Battle Video

Here is a video on how to defeat the boss in-game:

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