Trials of Mana Remake - New Game Plus Guide

A guide on New Game Plus in Trials of Mana Remake. Included are information on how to unlock, features, and things to do.

Trials of Mana - New Game Plus

New Game Plus

Trials of Mana Remake - New Game Plus

New Game Plus is a game mode unlocked after clearing the main story and clearing the Anise’s Stockade post-game story route.

Post-Game Unlockables


  • Level, training points, equipment, Lucre, and number of Li’l Cactus found are carried over.
  • Skills, spells, and abilities, and classes are not carried over (training points are retained but are reset).
  • Key items and tier 4 class items are not carried over
  • Unlocked the chain ability Love of Mana that grants a 300% multiplier to EXP for characters after defeating enemies in battle.
  • Unlocked unique chain abilities that grant a 50-point increase to one of a character’s stats (varies from character to character)
Character Chain Ability Effect
Duran Spirit Bond Base defense +50
Angela Passion Bond Magic attack +50.
Kevin Instinct Bond Attack +50.
Charlotte Sincere Bond Magic defense +50
Hawkeye Fellow Bond Luck +50
Riesz Faith Bond HP +200

Things to do in New Game Plus

Play through other character story routes

Trials of Mana Remake - New Game Plus Guide

Because of the significant increase in EXP gained in New Game Plus, characters that you have not played through can easily gain levels by replaying the main story. Note that enemies in this mode are the same as those in your first playthrough, making it very easy to finish the game again especially if you bring along a high-level character with your newly-formed party.

Leveling Guide

Farm Item Seeds

Trials of Mana Remake - New Game Plus Guide

You can farm item seeds if you missed out on any powerful equipment obtained from the magic pot. By the time you reach Anise’s Stockade again, you will likely be in a high enough level to clear enemies quickly to farm seeds faster than in your first playthrough.

How to Farm Items Seeds

Defeat the Black Rabite

Trials of Mana Remake - New Game Plus Guide

The Black Rabite is a hidden superboss which is best attempted with a high-level party. This makes New Game Plus the best opportunity to challenge the Black Rabite, allowing you to obtain the powerful chain ability Obsidian Power which makes all moves cost 0 MP.

Black Rabite Locations

The Black Rabite also has a chance to drop an item called a Moogle Pin. This lets you inflict or cure any characters of the “moogle” status.

What’s not in New Game+

Below is a list of features that you can’t carry over when starting a file on New Game+:

  • Abilities from the training screen and Training points

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  1. Just started a new game +. I farmed too much on the first run and character lv 99 in early game is just too easy. Some how one of the character I never played on the first run get to lv 99 too, not sure if it’s bugged.
    And the black Rabite dies in 30 seconds with lv99 Angela casting Ancient curse non-stop.

    • Tan,
      Finishing a further NG+ game still only maxes out at 2 stars. If you notice the saves in NG+ still have no stars. You still have to re-earn those stars.

      Story chain abilities absolutely remain. In fact, chain abilities for characters not in the active party remain. There are some interesting details to understand about this that I’m actively researching. The basic idea is that you have chain abilities from the the most recently class chain abilities played characters not in your party.

      • I’m about 80 hour in and starting my 3rd playthru. I can confirm that you get to keep all skills you obtain throughout all playthrus. Including the skills locked into picking light and dark paths. Really great way of making this game have so much play value. Minimum 3 playthrus to see all the endings but 6 to get all the team abilities. It’s a fun game

  2. The chain ability that gives bonus exp is named Love of Mana, and is actually a 300% multiplier, not x300. That’s it, cheers!