Trials of Mana Remake - Zable Fahr Boss Guide

Boss guide for Zable Fahr in Trials of Mana Remake. This includes the boss enemy's strengths and weaknesses, stats and skills, and recommended battle strategies.

Trials of Mana - Zable Fahr Boss Guide

Guide on How to Defeat Zable Fahr

Zable Fahr is one of the Benevodons that you need to defeat in Trials of Mana. Zable Fahr consists of three large heads, with one acting as a vessel that sustains its life. The boss represents the Dark element. The boss appears in one of three areas: Crystal Desert, Cave of Darkness, or Jungle of Visions.

Trials of Mana - Zable Fahr

Boss Information

Here is a breakdown of the boss’ strengths and weaknesses, stats, and skills.

Zable Fahr’s Stats

Target Areas Body, First head, second head
(Weak to light)
EXP Rewards 25,000 exp
Lucre Rewards 6,480
Other Rewards

Zable Fahr’s Skills

Left Head

Skill Skill Effect
Darkness Beam One of Zable Fahr’s regular attacks.
Flame Radiation One of Zable Fahr’s regular attacks
Tongue One of Zable Fahr’s regular attacks
Demon Breath Zable Fahr’s tier 2 Dark attribute magic. The skill debuffs the enemies’ magic attacks and magic defenses.

Right Head

Skill Skill Effect
Dark Force Zable Fahr’s tier 2 Dark magic.
Evil Gate When a quarter of health remains, Zable Fahr restores its health.
Anti Magic Zable Fahr removes status and sabre effects from the enemies.


Skill Skill Effect
Great Demon One of Zable Fahr’s tier 2 summon skill.
Gremlin One of Zable Fahr’s tier 2 summon skill
Death Spell Zable Fahr inflicts Death on an enemy that is lower than its level.
Black Curse Zable Fahr debuffs all the enemy’s stats.
Regeneration Zable Fahr resurrects the pair of fallen heads.
Dark Blazon Zable Fahr inflicts tier 2 physical damage on 1 enemy.
Darkness Beam Zable Fahr’s tier 2 Dark attribute magic. The skill debuffs the enemies’ magic attacks and magic defenses.
Hell Cross Zable Fahr unleashes massive magic damage on all enemies. Usable only when all three heads are active.

Boss Strategy

Here is a breakdown of the battle strategies against the boss.

Use Light enchantments

Zable Fahr is weak to Light which means that parties having either Duran or Charlotte with Saint Saber comes in handy. You can also opt to invest on Papa Poto’s Claw to give your ally a head start.

Channel your attacks on the pair of heads

The two heads guarding the sides of the boss area will be revived shortly after taking them out by a third head. Don’t wait for all three heads to be active since it will leave you prone to suffering too much damage from its devastating spells. Prioritize on knocking out the two heads guarding the sides to move to the second phase.

Watch out for Hell Cross

The last phase begins when the main head joins the fray and starts to attack. Zable Fahr is now able to use one of its higher tier Dark spells, Hell Cross. When Zable Fahr uses Hell Cross, the beam goes through the orbs scattered around the area. Take out the orbs surrounding the platform. If you don’t stop it in time, the triangle spins uncontrollably and the blast radius cuts your health by around half.

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