Trials of Mana Remake - All Li’l Cactus Locations and Rewards

A guide on all Li'l Cactus locations in Trials of Mana Remake, including rewards obtained for finding it.

Trials of Mana - All Li'l Cactus Locations

Who is Li’L Cactus?

Trials of Mana Remake - All Li'l Cactus Rewards and Locations

Li’L Cactus is a peculiar cactus-like creature that appears in various area of the game world. It can be found at very obvious spots or even at ingeniously hidden ones. Finding Li’L Cactus a certain number of times rewards you with a variety of effects which are active until you reach another milestone of spotting the little creature.

Li’l Cactus Rewards

Li’l Cactus Found Rewards
5 View undiscovered treasure boxes.
10 Get a 10% discount at shops.
15 Occasional 2x boost to EXP.
20 Time needed to escape from battle now halved.
25 Stay at an inn is free of charge, and purchase of items at a 20% discount in shops.
30 More items at the night market, and training point reset fee is at half price.
35 View the position of the undiscovered treasure chest and Li’l Cactus.
40 Occasional 3x boost to EXP.
45 Increase the chance of getting better items from item seeds.
50 Obtain Li’l Cactus Ring and Li’l Cactus Chain Ability.

All Li’l Cactus Locations

No. Area Location

Golden Road Found during the mini-game tutorial.
2 Free City of Maia After the battle against the mechs, head to the side of the ship and search the market.

Dwarf Tunnel Head past the bridge and check near the fire.

Molebear Moors Before entering the town, head down the map to find it near the corner on the right.

Stonesplit Gap II Go through the cave at the south end
6 Valsena, Kingdom of the Plains You need to help Valsena to make it spawn on the upper right corner.
7 Merchant Town Beiser Go to the left edge of the map to find it near the weapon icon.

Palo Port Search by the well.

Heavensway I Head to the beach and examine the corner on the right of the map.

Gusthall I From Heavensway, head up to reach a cave. Proceed left to arrive at the next section.
11 Heavensway I Continue with the main story to reach the Amazon hideout.

Jadd Stronghold I Look around the southwest corner of the map.

Rabite Forest After departing Jadd, head to the beach and search near the top corner.
14 Rabite Forest Found on the bottom corner of the map.
15 Lakeside Town Astoria Return to Astoria after the collapse.
16 Cascade Cavern I Exit Astoria to enter the nearby cave.
17 Gusthall I Use wind to reach the cliff on the left.
18 Desert Capital Sirhtan In the nook north of the armory. Cactus is on the east side of it.
19 Burning Sands After you exit the nearby town, search by a sand “waterfall” that has several bulettes in it. Cactus is hiding in the grasses.

Burning Sands Inspect the narrow path leading to the right, near the middle of the map.
21 Oasis of Diin Search the north section close to the water
22 Fiery Gorge I The lower section of the map that tapers to the right, near the red marked area.

Snow Hamlet Alrant Investigate the top right corner.

Frostbite Fields Search the tree standing on the ledge.

Frostbite Fields Cross the bridge and inspect below the tree.

Labyrinth of Ice I Locate the mana crystal and look around the back of it.

Moonlight Town Mintas Check by the water.
28 Duskmoon Forest Head up the tree to come to the elevated platform

Chartmoon Tower I Find the mana stone near the top left of the map and check the back of it.
30 Duskmoon Forest After Chartmoon Tower, look around close to the bridge on the left side of the map.

Lampbloom Woods III Follow the trail of red flowers until you reach the far end and then search the corner near the bottom right of the map.

Flowerburg Dior After entering the town, head to the upper left section end of the map.

Lampbloom Woods I The area can be accessed after learning about flowers from the Elder. Continue with the story objective to find it near the mana statue.
34 Oblivisle Head down the hill and search the trees as you go along.
35 Laurent I After finding that the Laurent entrance is locked, find the gate. Across the now unlocked gate you’ll find the cactus.

Chartmoon Tower VIII Once you get the objective, Defeat the Benevodons, go to the tower and search near the top left corner of the eighth floor.

Molebear Moors I After arriving at the location, look around the spot.
38 Daria, Gem Valley I Proceed to the lower right section of the map to find it sitting on a ledge near a chest.
39 Daria, Gem Valley I Without leaving the previous area, head south to come across another one resting on a ledge close to poison clouds.
40 Labyrinth of Ice II From the mana statue, cross the path of ice until you reach the far right corner.
41 Woods of Wandara III Locate the ledge on the middle section and examine the bottom left corner.
42 Woods of Wandara VII Investigate near the large toadstool by the foot of the tree.
43 Fiery Gorge I Cross the path of stones until you reach the red floor marked on the map on the top right corner. The spot has a chest nearby.
44 Shimmering Ruins From the entrance, cross around to the right.
45 Shimmering Ruins Go around the edge of the ruins until you reach close to the entrance to drain some water. The spot is on the bottom left spot of the map.
46 Holy City Wendel After reaching the area, search near the upper right corner of the map.
47 Ancient Capital Pedda Go down to the bottom left of the castle. You need to take a break at the inn.
48a (Duran/Angela) Crystal Desert II Search the cave.
48b (Hawkeye/Riesz) Night Cavern IV Top right corner of the lower section.
48c (Kevin/Charlotte) Jungle of Visions II Look around close to the first mana statue
49a (Duran/Angela) Crystal Desert I Look under the chest at the center
49b (Hawkeye/Riesz) Night Cavern VI From the entrance, examine the nearby ledge
49c (Kevin/Charlotte) Jungle of Visions IV Search for the golden mana statue after the battle against the dark boss
50 Sanctuary of Mana After revisiting the sanctuary, check the crossroads on the right side of the map. The cactus is covered by a log.


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