Trials of Mana Remake - Stat Allocation and Abilities Guide

A guide on allocating stats and recommended basic abilities in Trials of Mana Remake.

Trials of Mana - Training Point Allocation and Abilities Guide

Stat Allocation and Abilities Guide

Trials of Mana - Stat Allocation and Abilities Guide

In Trials of Mana, characters gain training points upon leveling up. These can be spent on increasing any of the five attributes (strength, stamina, intelligence, spirit, and luck).

Leveling Guide

Investing certain amounts of training points to a specific attribute will unlock abilities. These can either be passive abilities (such as those granting increased attack power, HP, or defense) or active abilities (such as spells and techniques).

Planning Out Your Character’s Class

Trials of Mana - Stat Allocation and Abilities Guide

It is important to know which attributes you should invest in with a character as you will not acquire useful abilities if you allocate training points carelessly. You should also consider what class you intend to focus on with your character before allocating training points.

Best Classes for Each Character

It is, however, possible to redistribute training points for a fee by talking to the Black Market fortune teller in Merchant Town Beiser at night.

How to Reset Training Points

Recommended Basic Abilities For Each Character

Character Ability Details Requirement
Trials of Mana - DuranDuran Armor Break (Chain Ability): Increases armor reduction value for normal attacks by 50%. Lowering enemy’s armor allows the party to deal more damage. 4 Strength (Warrior)
Trials of Mana - AngelaAngela Holy Bolt: Damages a wide area with light magic. Angela’s basic magic spell and the one she learns the fastest. Acquiring as soon as possible is essential in building her for the more powerful mage classes. 2 Spirit (Magician)
Trials of Mana - KevinKevin Conflagration (Chain Ability): Increase damage dealt by 15% when HP is less than 30%. More damage is always good for Kevin, especially since he is likely to get low on HP with his close-quarters combat style. 4 Strength (Grappler)
Trials of Mana - CharlotteCharlotte Heal Light: Restores HP of allies. Charlotte’s basic healing spell. Always useful for keeping your party alive in all stages of the game. Becomes more potent with higher Spirit. 2 Spirit (Cleric)
Trials of Mana - HawkeyeHawkeye Drop Up (Chain Ability): Increases item drop rate by 5%. Useful for farming items, especially item seeds, from the early to late stages of the main story. Can be equipped on allies as a link ability. 4 Luck (Thief)
Trials of Mana - RieszRiesz Counterattack: Increase attack power by 10% for 30 seconds when damaged. A good early-game skill for Riesz to have for increased damage, though you can also opt for Indomitability or Crit Up instead if she is not a primary attacker. 4 Strength (Amazon)

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