Trials of Mana Remake - Brynhildr Class

Brynhildr class information for Riesz in Trials of Mana Remake. Included are an overview of the class, stats, class change requirements, techniques, spells, locked abilities, class strikes.

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Trials of Mana - Brynhildr Class

One of the two tier 4 class changes for Riesz. Being the opposite of the Meteorite, the Brynhildr class brings destruction to enemies by fusing the strengths of the Fenrir Knight’s use of debuffs with the Dragon Master’s party buffs.


Class Brynhildr
Character Riesz
Type Dark
Tier 4
Weapons Spears
Bio (Role) Range attacks and support magic/summons


Strength Stamina Intellect Spirit Luck

Class Change Requirement

Must have unlocked Tier 3 classes and obtained Kind Sphere after clearing the main story.

Skills and Abilities

Name Effect Requirement
Strength +10 Increase attack power by 10. 43 STR
Attacker II Increases attack power and defense by 40%. (Chain Ability) 53 STR
Strength +10 Increase attack power by 10. 63 STR
Stamina +10 Increase defense by 10. 43 STA
Pinch Defense III Increase defense by 40% when HP is at 30% or less. 53 STA
Stamina +10 Increase defense by 10. 63 STA
Summon Magic MP Save Reduce summon magic MP cost by 50%. 43 INT
Unlimited Increase summon magic MP cost by 20% to increase damage dealt by 35%. 53 INT
Intelligence +10 Increase intelligence by 10. 63 INT
Status Down MP Save+ II Reduce the MP cost of status down special skills by 50%. 43 SPRT
Summon SP+ II Increase SP by 35% when using summon magic.  53 SPRT
Spirit +10 Increase spirit by 10. 63 SPRT
Magic Break III 90% chance to lower magic attack power and magic defense of an enemy when landing a critical hit. 43 LUCK
Lucky Status Effect Down II 30% chance to increase stat down effect by 10%. (Chain Ability) 53 LUCK
Luck +10 Increase luck by 10. 63 LUCK

Locked Abilities

Name Effect
Surprise Aid Adds 35% of CS gauge for random ally when player uses class strike.

Class Strikes

Name Effect
Raptor Lance Thunder strikes while cloaked in fighting spirit and deals massive damage.

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