Trials of Mana Remake - Chapter 5: Gusthall Revisited Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough and guide for Gusthall Revisited in Trials of Mana Remake. Included also are list of items, enemies, and strategies.

Trials of Mana Remake - Chapter 5: Gusthall Revisited Walkthrough

Chapter 5: Gusthall Revisited

Trials of Mana Remake - Chapter 5: Gusthall Revisited

Trials of Mana Remake Walkthroughs

Story Objectives

Here is a summary of objectives needed to be accomplished in this chapter:

Objective Summary
Defeat the Benevodons Explore Gusthall for missed items and gold. Then, look for the Benevodon of Wind, Dangaard.
Defeat Dangaard Defeat the Benevodon of Wind, Dangaard, in Gusthall.

Obtainable Items

Here is a list of items that can be acquired in this chapter:

Gusthall Revisited Items

Item Holder Location
Dangaard Ring x1 Yellow Orb North of the Wind Stone’s location


Here is a list of enemies encountered in this chapter:

Gusthall Revisited Enemies

Level of enemies may scale with your party’s current level

Enemy Level Location
Siren Lv.44 Gusthall I
Ghoul Lv.44 Gusthall I
Needlebeak Lv.44 Gusthall I
Imp Lv.44 Gusthall I
Silver Knight Lv.44 Gusthall I

Chapter 5: Gusthall Revisited Walkthrough

Defeat the Benevodons

Trials of Mana Remake - Chapter 5: Gusthall Revisited - Defeat the Benevodons

Gusthall I

1 From the starting area, head west and defeat Siren (Level 42) and Ghoul (Level 42) enemies.
2 Trials of Mana Remake - Chapter 5: Gusthall Revisited - Gusthall IGo back and interact with Chikeeta and Josephine if you wan to buy better weapons and armor. Make sure that your items and consumables are already restocked.
3 Reach the location of the Wind Stone using the shortcuts you unlocked in Chapter 2.
4 Defeat Needlebeak (Level 42), Silver Knight (Level 42), and Imp (Level 42) enemies you encountered along the way.
5 When you arrive in the location, look for the 1st yellow orb (Dangaard’s Ring x1). Make sure to equip to main attacker.
6 Before you enter Gusthall II, make sure that you already setup you healing items, buff items, debuff items, and weapon enchants. Also, SAVE your current game using the gold mana statue nearby.

Defeat Daangard

Trials of Mana Remake - Dangaard

Gusthall II

1 Watch a cutscene.
2 Defeat Dangaard. Avoid the range of its moves while you spend and build up your CS gauges to damage the boss.
Dangaard Boss Guide
3 After defeating the boss, you will be transferred back to the starting area. Feel free to approach Chikeeta and Josephine again if you want to upgrade your weapons and equipment.
4 If you have nothing else to do, summon Flamie and travel back to the Sanctuary of Mana to upgrade classes, to Merchant Town Beiser to resupply essential items, or to your next target location.

Optional: Change to Tier 3 Class

Trials of Mana Remake - Special Mana Statue

Sanctuary of Mana

1 Return to the Sanctuary of Mana and SAVE your current game using the gold mana statue nearby.
2 Turn-in Item Seeds and ??? Seeds to the magic pot beside the gold mana statue.
3 After getting the items. Check if the class change item you received is the one you desire for your character.
4 If you do, head to the special to class change a character into a Tier 3 class.
Class Change Guide
5 If not, leave the area and proceed to the overworld. Choose your next target location and defeat the next Benevodon.
6 Alternatively, you can visit Merchant Town Beiser at night to buy healing items, Faerie Walnuts, weapon enchant items, buff items, and debuff items.

Item Locations

Below are the in-game locations of the obtainable items in this chapter:

Gusthall I Revisited Item Locations

In-Game Location Item and Location
Trials of Mana Remake - Chapter 5: Gusthall Revisited - Orb Location 1 Dangaard’s Ring
North of the Wind Stone’s location

Tips and Strategies

Here is a list of the tips and strategies for this chapter:

Upgrade to to Tier 3 Classes

Trials of Mana Remake - Chapter 4: Sanctuary of Mana - Special Mana Statue

Once you acquire ??? seeds, you can plant them in the magic pot and acquire class change items for Tier 3 Classes.

Class Change Guide

Use Elemental Magic to Certain Enemies

Trials of Mana Remake - Chapter 5: Gusthall Revisited - Use Elemental Magic

Some of the enemies encountered in this area are weak to elemental magic. We recommended capitalizing on them but you can also use other magic. For example, magic such as Wind can knockdown flying enemies. You can also use area-based magic to deal damage to multiple enemies beside each other.

Enemy Level Weakness
Siren Lv.44 Earth Element
Ghoul Lv.44 Light Element
Needlebeak Lv.44 Earth Element
Imp Lv.44 Light Element
Silver Knight Lv.44 Wind or Dark Element

Buy New Weapons

Trials of Mana Remake - Chapter 5: Gusthall Revisited - Weapon Shop

Visit the Chikeeta if you want to buy new weapons for your characters. The list of weapons for sale will change once you are past halfway in defeating the Benevodons. Here are the weapons that you can buy from the shop:

Weapon Wielder Price
Balmung Trials of Mana - DuranDuran 10,920 lucre
Herald Sword 12,048 lucre
Tyrfing 13,816 lucre
Muramasa 15,240 lucre
Mim Rod Trials of Mana - AngelaAngela 10,848 lucre
Druid Staff 11,944 lucre
Ghost Rod 12,040 lucre
Nebula Staff 13,808 lucre
Yggdrasil Rod 15,168 lucre
Clawberus Trials of Mana - KevinKevin 10,936 lucre
Ghost Fist 12,056 lucre
Rock Claw 13,856 lucre
Cressure 15,192 lucre
Scorpion Mace Trials of Mana - CharlotteCharlotte
10,888 lucre
Holy Flail 11,928 lucre
Sibyl Flail 12,064 lucre
Gravity Flail 13,720 lucre
Ultima Flail 15,200 lucre
Dance Dagger Trials of Mana - HawkeyeHawkeye 10,928 lucre
Bishamon 11,984 lucre
Mercury Dirk 13,744 lucre
Taishaku 15,144 lucre
Griffin Lance Trials of Mana - RieszRiesz 10,800 lucre
Staghorn 11,992 lucre
Wolf Fang 11,936 lucre
Maidenleaf 13,848 lucre
Valkyrian 15,152 lucre

Weapon List

Buy New Armors

Trials of Mana Remake - Chapter 5: Gusthall Revisited - Armor Shop

Visit the Josephine if you want to buy new equipment for your characters. The list of equipment for sale will change once you are past halfway in defeating the Benevodons. Here are some armors that you can buy from the shop:

Armor Wielder Price
Plate Armor Trials of Mana - DuranDuran 2,136 lucre
Leonis Armor 7,616 lucre
Knight Vest 9,792 lucre
Studded Helm 1,040 lucre
Horned Helm 5,456 lucre
Silver Sallet 6,872 lucre
Gauntlet 560 lucre
Knight Band 2,720 lucre
Flower Suit Trials of Mana - AngelaAngela 2,072 lucre
Manan Shift 7,744 lucre
Dawn Dress 9,664 lucre
Silver Circlet 5,412 lucre
Snowy Veil 6,888 lucre
Mist Pendant 552 lucre
Chryscirclet 1,072 lucre
Snow Crystal 2,688 lucre
Vestguard Trials of Mana - KevinKevin
2,048 lucre
Amber Attire 8,848 lucre
Indigo Attire 10,304 lucre
Wolfsmane 5,464 lucre
Demon Mask 6,920 lucre
Big Vambrace 544 lucre
Twisted Scarf 1,056 lucre
Fiend Fang 2,704 lucre
Velvet Cape Trials of Mana - CharlotteCharlotte 2,016 lucre
Glimmer Robe 8,600 lucre
Golden Robe 9,296 lucre
Moogle Mask 1,032 lucre
Chobin Cowl 5,400 lucre
Sprite Hood 6,792 lucre
Moon Ring 552 lucre
Moogle Mask 1,032 lucre
Daylight Ring 2,728 lucre
Chain Tunic Trials of Mana - HawkeyeHawkeye 2,032 lucre
Fluorspar Vest 8,640 lucre
Feather Cap 1,024 lucre
Black Hood 6,928 lucre
Bear Galea 5,352 lucre
Black Robe 8,928 lucre
Cobra Earrings 560 lucre
Mist Charm 2,752 lucre
Scale Mail Trials of Mana - RieszRiesz 2,144 lucre
Druid Guard 8,888 lucre
Valkyrie Mail 9,688 lucre
Barbute 1,120 lucre
Horned Crest 5,424 lucre
Chess Helm 6,840 lucre
Aeolian Armlet 560 lucre
Ghallarhorn 2,640 lucre

Armor List

Dangaard Boss Strategies

Here is a breakdown of the battle strategies against the boss:

Strike the head

You can interrupt Dangaard’s charged attack before it connects by hitting the head.

Stop attacking when moving sideways

When Flammie is gliding sideways, your won’t be able to reach Dangaard with attacks. Focus on dodging the boss while waiting for Flammie to run its course.

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