Trials of Mana Remake - Bill & Ben Boss Guide

Boss guide for Bill & Ben in Trials of Mana Remake. This includes the boss enemy's strengths and weaknesses, stats and skills, and recommended battle strategies.

Trials of Mana - Bill & Ben Boss Guide

Guide on How to Defeat Bill & Ben

Bill & Ben are one of the bosses that you need to defeat in Trials of Mana. They appear as a pair of soldiers and are encountered during their mission in the Citadel of Laurent.

Trials of Mana - Bill & Ben 1

Chapter 2: Citadel of Laurent Walkthrough

Bill & Ben Information

Here is a breakdown of the boss’ strengths and weaknesses, stats, and skills.

Bill & Ben Stats

Target Areas Body only
Weaknesses None
Resistance Water, Wind, Earth, and Fire elements
Recommended Level Level 23 or higher
EXP Rewards 5,000 exp
Lucre Rewards 2,800 lucre
Other Rewards None

Bill & Ben Skills

Skill Skill Effect
Shuriken Bill & Ben launches a spread shot of  Shrikes through a three-way row.
Water Diversion + Bill & Ben use water elemental jutsu on the marked area beneath you and your other party members.
Katana Slash Bill & Ben’s basic attack using their katana weapons. This is a slash forward with a three-hit combo.
Dirt Diversion Bill & Ben use earth elemental jutsu on the marked area beneath you and your other party members.
Thunder Technique Bill & Ben use thunder elemental jutsu on the marked area beneath you and your other party members.
Shadow Menace Either Bill or Ben melts into the floor and tries to sneak up on you from the ground. Bill or Ben will do a melee combo if you get caught.
Fire Diversion Bill & Ben use flame elemental attack on the marked area beneath you and your other party members.

Bill & Ben Strategies

Here is a breakdown of the battle strategies against the boss:

Setup your Battle Strategy

Target Other Enemies
Tactics Protection is Paramount
Moves Use moves without MP falling to 50%
Class Strikes Do not use Class Strikes
Healing Items Leave at least 5 of each items in stock

You will face one boss in the first half of the battle. Then, they will separate when their HP turns half. We advise you assign one of your AI companions to each boss.

Use Light Element Magic Only

Trials of Mana - Bill & Ben 1 - Use Holy Elemental Magic

The boss has strong resistance to elemental attacks except for Light. Your damage will start out small but it will increase over time as you break their barriers.

Break Blue Vases to Replenish CS Gauges

Trials of Mana - Bill & Ben 1 - Break Blue Vases

More likely you’ve exhausted all your CS gauges from Zehnoa and so we recommended breaking all blue vases enough to fill-up your CS gauge.

Keep Moving

Trials of Mana - Bill & Ben 1 - Jump and Roll

Being still is very dangerous. Always keep moving to avoid getting hit by Bill & Ben’s skills such as Shuriken and Shadow Menace . Move sideways or jump and roll to maneuver easily in the arena.

Launch Tier 1 Class Strikes

Trials of Mana - Bill & Ben 1 - Use Tier 1 Class Strikes

At 50% HP, Bill and Ben will separate from each other. Make sure to set them up near each other to maximize the damage of your class strikes. You need to take out both of them simultaneously to prevent one from reviving the other.

Use Buffs and Debuffs

Trials of Mana - Bill & Ben 1 - Use Debuffs

While taking them out, use buff or debuff skills to soften the boss enemies. Buff moves can be in the form of attack increase (Power Up), defense increase (Protect Up), and magic & magic increase (Mind Up).

While debuffs can be in the form of attack decrease (Power Down), defense decrease (Protect Down), and magic & magic defense decrease (Mind Down).

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