Trials of Mana Remake - How to Change Class

Guide on how to change your character's current class in Trials of Mana Remake, including a list of different class tiers in the game.

Trials of Mana - How to Change Classes

Class Change Explained

Apart from strengthening through leveling, you can also upgrade your character’s class in order to increase their battle capabilities in Trials of Mana.

Trials of Mana - How to Change Class

Class Change generally requires reaching a certain level in game. In addition, new abilities and moves will also be unlocked as they transition to a new class.

Class Tiers

There are four class tiers in Trials of Mana. Each character has their own class choices and progression paths. Progression paths also include choosing between a Light or Dark class path.

Class Tier Description
Tier 1 Characters default or starting classes.
Tier 2 Characters must reached at least level 18 or higher.
Tier 3 Characters must reached at least level 38 or higher and have the required class change item on-hand.
Tier 4 Unlocked once the main story is finished. Characters must return to Valsena Royal Library and start the post-game episode. Then, defeat a post-game boss and acquire the the class change item. Players can choose between Light and Dark Tier 4 classes.
List of Different Classes Unlocking Tier 4 Classes

Difference between Light Path and Dark Path

Here is a quick comparison between the Light and Dark Path:

Class Path Description
Light Buff and recovery abilities are enhanced.
Dark Debuff abilities and attack power are enhanced.

How to Change Class

In order to upgrade to the next class, make sure you already satisfied the requirements above. Then, look for a Mana Stone or Special Mana statue at the Sanctuary of Mana in order to successfully upgrade a character’s class.

Apart from changing classes, you can also modify your character’s appearance or costume in the game.

How to Change Costume

How to Reset Class

Progressing later in the game allows you reset a character to their starting class. This can be done by obtaining a Goddess Scale and visiting the special statue in the Mana Sanctuary. Accumulated training points can be redistributed and you will be able to change to any of the other classes you have not unlocked.

How to Reset Class

How to Reset Training Points

If you only wish to reallocate training points without reverting back to your starting class, you can visit the Phony Fortune-teller in Merchant Town Beiser. For a fee, you can redo the distribution of your training points if you somehow wasted a few on skills that do not benefit your character’s intended class progression.

How to Reset Traning Points

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