Trials of Mana Remake - Magus Class

Magus class information for Angela in Trials of Mana Remake. Included are an overview of the class, stats, class change requirements, techniques, spells, locked abilities, class strikes.

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Trials of Mana - Magus Class

One of Angela’s tier 3 classes. The Magus belongs to the dark type class and features many powerful dark magic. She also carries a signature attack called “Ancient Curse.” While the Magus has devastating spells, the drawback to using her is that she’s stuck with single target high tier spells.


Class Magus
Character Angela
Type Dark
Tier 3
Weapons Wands
Bio (Role) Ranged magic and mass-targeting spells

Stat Bonuses

50 11 21 15 39 15 33

Among the magic classes available to Angela, the Magus has a lackluster Stamina stat. However, she boasts the most amount of Intellect stat which helps nuke enemies even when relying on low-tier spells.

Class Change Requirement

Must be a tier 2 class, attained level 38, and obtained Omen Book class change item.

Skills and Abilities

Name Effect Requirement
Wound Consume 5% HP to increase heavy attack damage by 30%. 21
Explode+ Deal fire magic damage to wide area (9 MP): 200 Power 27 STR
Strength +10 Increase attack power by 10. 33 STR
Earthquake+ Deal earth magic damage to wide area (9 MP): 200 Power 21 STA
Spell Resistance 90% chance of preventing knock down when casting. 27 STA
Stamina +10 Increase defense by 10. 33 STA
Intellect +10 Increase intellect by 10. 21 INT
Spike Freeze+ Deal water magic damage to wide area (9 MP): 200 Power 21 INT
Wound Magic All Consume 2% HP from all allies to increase magic damage by 30%. 27 INT
Intellect +10 Increase intellect by 10. 33 INT
Ancient Curse Deal strong non-elemental magic damage to wide area (28 MP): 600 Power 33 INT
MP +10 Increase MP by 10. 21 SPRT
Damage MP Boost Recover 2 MP when damaged. (Chain Ability) 27 SPRT
Spirit +10 Increase spirit by 10. 33 SPRT
Thunderstorm+ Deal wind magic damage to a wide area. (8 MP): 176 Power 21 LUCK
Magic Armor II 30% to reduce incoming magic damage to 0. (Chain Ability) 27 LUCK
Luck +10 Increase luck by 10. 33 LUCK

Locked Abilities

Name Effect
Soul Hunt Magic attack increases by 20% for 30 sec. After ally faints (effect cannot overlap).

Class Strikes

Name Effect
Hotshot Magical bullets fire from the wand and damage the enemy.

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