Trials of Mana Remake - How to Reset Training Points

A guide on how to reset training points in Trials of Mana Remake.

Trials of Mana - How to Reset Training Points

How to Reset Training Points

You can redistribute spent training points by talking to the Phony Fortune-teller at the black market in Merchant Town Beiser. This is only possible during night time (Shade). The cost of her services is equal to your character’s accumulated training points times 150 Lucre.

Trials of Man Remake - How to Reset Training Points

Note that reallocating training points is different from resetting classes. While the former simply allows you to redo a character’s stat allocation, resetting classes reverts your character to their starting class while retaining accumulated training points for redistribution as well.

How to Reset Classes

When should you reset training points?

Resetting training points is useful if you somehow wasted a few points into stats that would not benefit the class progression you had planned for your character. The service is essentially a “do-over” for making each training point count towards a character’s tier 4 class.

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