Ghost of Tsushima - A New Horizon Walkthrough

A New Horizon walkthrough (Jin's Journey) for Ghost of Tsushima. Included are main story quest objectives, locations, tales, obtainable items, rewards, materials, collections, enemies, bosses, and strategies for clearing it.

Ghost of Tsushima - A New Horizon Walkthrough

A New Horizon Walkthrough

Ghost of Tsushima - A New Horizon Walkthrough


Jin’s Journey (Main Quest) Act 1
A New Horizon
Locations Obtainable Items Rewards
  • Fort Ito
  • Major Legend Increase
Unlock Conditions
Clear Shadow of the Samurai.

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Obtainable Items

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Walk with Yuna to the main keep – Defeat the Mongol patrol

1 Follow Yuna to the main keep and talk to Lord Shimura.
2 Head for the stables and talk to Yuna. Afterwards, ride with Lord Shimura to the forest.
3 Take out the Mongol patrol after seeing the farms attacked.

Ride with Lord Shimura – Reach the front gate with Lord Shimura

1 Continue along the path to Fort Ito with Lord Shimura. Quickly take out the three archers and the reinforcement that appear by the fort’s entrance.
2 As you storm the fort, make for the alarm tower and take out the Mongols sounding the alarm there.
3 Get ready to battle more Mongol enemies as you near the front gate with Lord Shimura. You can shoot the wagon’s front to set off the explosives it is carrying to take out a good number of the enemies there. The remaining Mongols should be more manageable to deal from there.

Travel to the lighthouse

1 Backtrack inside Fort Ito and head for the lighthouse. Go inside and rekindle the brazier using the fire in the corner.
2 Talk to the peasant woman and the warrior monk.
3 Approach Norio and talk to him by the cage. Go with him to the fort’s northern gate afterwards.


Shooting the Mongols in the wagon

You can take out a good number of the mongols in the explosives wagon by shooting an arrow in front it. This will set the explosives off and killing many of the enemies clumped together there. Finish off the survivors by engaging them up close.

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