Ghost of Tsushima - All Lighthouse Locations and Guide

A guide on where to find all lighthouses in Ghost of Tsushima. Included are information on lighthouses, a list of all lighthouse locations, and how to get the Light the Way trophy.

Ghost of Tsushima - All Lighthouse Locations and Guide

What are Lighthouses?

Lighthouses are special landmarks that are found all throughout the island of Tsushima. Rekindling them counts towards clearing the lighthouses objectives under Collections. There are a total of eight lighthouses to find in the game.


Trophy How to Unlock
PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyLight the Way Rekindle all 7 lighthouses.

Trophy List

All Lighthouse Locations

There are 8 lighthouses Jin Sakai can visit in the game. The first two lighthouses are found through the story while the other six are in the open world.

All Collections Guide

Story-based Lighthouses

Lighthouse Location Reward
#1 Tsutsu Lighthouse Fort Ohira, Tsutsu Prefecture, Izuhara Region. Clear main mission: “The Tale of Ryuzo” (Act 1).
#2 Akashima Lighthouse Northwest of Old Togo Rice Fields, Akashima Prefecture, Toyotama Region. Clear main mission: “A New Horizon” (Act 2).

Region 1: Izuhara Region Lighthouses

Lighthouse Location Reward
#3 Ariake Lighthouse Golden Forest, south of Hidden Springs Forest, Ariake Prefecture (Act 1). + Minor Legend Increase
#4 Komoda Lighthouse Saicho’s Point, north of First General’s Field, Komoda Prefecture (Act 1). + Minor Legend Increase

Region 2: Toyotama Region Lighthouses

Lighthouse Location Reward
#5 Kubara Lighthouse Southeast of Yamabushi’s Peak, Kubara Prefecture (Act 2). + Minor Legend Increase

Region 3: Kamiagata Region Lighthouses

Lighthouse Location Reward
#6 Sago Lighthouse Sibling Bay, Southwest of Fort Kaminodake, Sago Prefecture (Act 2). + Minor Legend Increase
#7 Kin Lighthouse Southeast of Iwai Village, Kin Prefecture (Act 3). + Minor Legend Increase
#8 Jogaku Lighthouse In the peninsula south of Cape Izumo, Jogaku Prefecture (Act 3). + Minor Legend Increase

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