Ghost of Tsushima - How to Get Predator Hide

A guide on how to get Predator Hide in Ghost of Tsushima. Included are information on Predator Hide, uses, and where to find them.

Ghost of Tsushima - How to Get Predator Hide

How to Get Predator Hide

What is Predator Hide?

Ghost of Tsushima - How to Get Predator Hide

Predator hide is a material used for upgrading the number of arrows and throwable Ghost Weapons that you can carry.

Materials List and Guide

How to Obtain

The material is acquired by hunting wild animals that live in mountains, though not all of them it.

Name Details
Deer Deer are docile animals that are safe to hunt but do not drop predator hide.
Boar Aggressive when approached but only when you are not mounted. Drops predator hide.
Bear Extremely aggressive and deals high damage. Drops predator hide.

Wild animals will also often appear during Tales so use the opportunity to hunt them for their hide. The Iron Hook tale, for instance, allows you to obtain predator hide by releasing the bear inside the cage at Fort Yatate.

The Iron Hook Walkthrough

Upgrading Arrow and Ghost Weapon Capacity

Ghost of Tsushima - How to Get Predator Hide

Predator hide can be taken to a vendor to increase the capacity of arrows and Ghost Weapons that you can carry at a time. Extremely useful weapons such as the heavy arrows, kunai, and black powder bombs benefit greatly for this, allowing you to have a good supply of them at all times.

How to Upgrade Equipment

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