Ghost of Tsushima - Walkthroughs

List of all Jin's Journey act walkthroughs (main story quests) and Tales of Tsushima (side quests) in Ghost of Tsushima. Click on a Tale to go to its Tale walkthrough page for information on objectives, rewards, how to unlock, rewards, obtainable weapons, armor, materials, items, and collectibles.

Ghost of Tsushima - Walkthroughs

List of Walkthroughs in Ghost of Tsushima

Main Story Acts (Jin’s Journey)

Ghost of Tsushima - Shadow of the Samurai Walkthrough

Act 1: Rescue Lord Shimura

▼ Act 1
Prologue The Warrior’s Code
The Broken Blacksmith The Tale of Sensei Ishikawa
The Tale of Lady Masako Blood on the Grass
Hammer and Forge The Tale of Ryuzo
The Iron Hook Shadow of the Samurai
A New Horizon

Act 2: Retake Castle Shimura

▼ Act 2
A Message in Fire The Walls of Yarikawa
The Coward of Yarikawa The Ghost of Yarikawa
Ghost from the Past A Reckoning in Blood
The Fate of Tsushima From the Darkness

Act 3: Kill the Khan

▼ Act 3
Honor and Ash Wolves at the Gates
A Gathering Storm Heart of the Jito
Eternal Blue Sky The Tale of Lord Shimura

Side Quests (Tales of Tsushima)

Ghost of Tsushima - Tales of Tsushima (Side Tales)


▼ Tales of Tsushima
The Sensei and the Student The Past Never Passes
The Way of the Bow The Headman
The Husband The Traitor
Servant of the People Lost at Sea
Empty Baskets The Value of Sake
For Tsushima A Place to Call Home
The Cost of Iron Whispers in the Woods
The Laughing Bandits Incident at Hiyoshi Pass
A Healer’s Touch A Mother’s Peace
The Other Side of Honor Honor Buried Deep
Unfinished Business


▼ Tales of Tsushima
The Last Warrior Monk Three Actions, Three Illusions
Ghosts in the Fog The Birth of Suffering
The Blood Sutra The Cause of Suffering
The End of Suffering Nattou and the Sake Seller
The Delicate Art of Negotiation The Tale of Yuna
Silent Death Black Wolf
Message in Blood The Burden of Theft
Flesh and Stone Peace for the Divine
Dreams of Conquest The Ghost and the Demon Sensei
The Terror of Otsuna Laid to Rest
The Fool The Family Man
The Thief The Conspirator
The Proud Do Not Endure The Art of Seeing
A Wealthy Man Has All He Needs A Thief of Innocence
The River Children The Generosity of Lady Sanjo
A Final Request A Debt Repaid


▼ Tales of Tsushima
Friends in Passing The Sister’s Betrayal
A Father’s Choice The Guardian of Tsushima
This Threefold World Fit for the Khan
Hidden in Snow The Cost of Fear

Mythic Tales

Ghost of Tsushima - Mythic Tales


▼ Mythic Tales
The Heavenly Strike The Curse of Uchitsune
The Legend of Tadayori


▼ Mythic Tales
The Unbreakable Gosaku The Spirit of Yarikawa’s Vengeance
The Six Blades of Kojiro


▼ Mythic Tales
The Undying Flame

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