Ghost of Tsushima - Ending Choice Guide

A guide on the ending choice of Jin's Journey (main story quest) in Ghost of Tsushima. Included are information on unlockable features and changes when deciding to honor Lord Shimura's request or not.

Ghost of Tsushima - Ending Choice Guide

Ending Choice Guide

Honoring or Ignoring Lord Shimura’s Request

Ghost of Tsushima - Ending Choice Guide

At the end of the game, you will need to make a choice between honoring Lord Shimura’s request or not. This determines the final ending sequence that you will get before the credits roll.

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Does the choice affect gameplay after clearing?

Regardless of what choice you make at the end, there will be no major changes when continuing the game after clearing. The decision largely boils down to what you think is right to do.

Obtainable Features

Unique Ghost Armor Set Color Dye

You will obtain one of two unique armor dyes for the Ghost Armor Set when you continue the game after clearing the Jin’s Journey (main story quests).

Armor Dye How to Obtain
Ghost of Tsushima - Righteous PunishmentRighteous Punishment (White) Honor Lord Shimura’s request.
Ghost of Tsushima - Vow of VengeanceVow of Vengeance (Red) Do not honor Lord Shimura’s request.

The two armor dyes only apply cosmetic changes to the Ghost Armor Set. They do not grant any special effects in battle.

Post-game Hideout Location

The location of your new hideout will also change depending on the ending choice you make.

Hideout How to Obtain
Ghost of Tsushima - Dawn RefugeDawn Refuge (West of Mamushi Farmstead) Honor Lord Shimura’s request.
Ghost of Tsushima - Tradition's EndTradition’s End (Near Omi Monastery) Do not honor Lord Shimura’s request.

The two hideouts function the same so simply decide based on your preferred location.

Can you unlock all ending choice features?

Since it is not possible to replay the final Tale of Jin’s Journey, you will not be able to gain access both armor dyes and hideouts.

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