Ghost of Tsushima - How to Upgrade Equipment

A guide on how to upgrade weapons and armor in Ghost of Tsushima. Included are the basic mechanics of upgrading equipment, vendor locations, required materials, and upgrade levels.

Ghost of Tsushima - Equipment Upgrade Guide

Equipment Upgrade Guide

Ghost of Tsushima - How to Upgrade Equipment

You will be able to upgrade weapons and armor at vendors to improve their performance in battle. Vendors are found in various locations such as templs, villages, and camps on the island of Tsushima.

How to Upgrade Equipment

Required Materials

To upgrade weapons, you must have the necessary amount of materials and supplies. Upgrade materials include supplies, bamboo, yew wood, and linen.

Material Equipment Where to Obtain
Supplies Abandoned houses, shacks, camps
Bamboo Half Bow Bamboo trees
Yew Wood Yew trees
Linen Abandoned houses, shacks, camps
Iron Sakai Storm (to be confirmed) Quest reward

Vendors differ in the upgrade services they offer.

Ghost of Tsushima - How to Upgrade Equipment

Talk to a vendor to open the upgrade menu. Note that vendors specialize in different types of equipment so it is worth remembering the type of service each one provides. The example below shows the method of upgrading the Half Bow through the services of the Bowyer merchant.

Weapons have different characteristics that can be enhanced.

Ghost of Tsushima - How to Upgrade Equipment

After selecting the equipment you want to improve, the effects of the upgrade will be shown. Each weapon has a set of characteristics which can be enhanced by having the necessary amount of materials. The half bow, for, instance, can be upgraded to improve its damage, draw speed, range, stability, reload speed, and zoom.

The cost of an upgrade increases as you continuously refine equipment. Be sure to take the time to gather as many resources as you can while exploring the game world.

All Vendor Locations

Ghost of Tsushima - How to Upgrade Equipment

Press the × button at the upgrade menu to apply commence the upgrade.

Available Upgrades


Name Upgrades Upgrade Levels
Sakai Storm
  • Damage
Half Bow
  • Damage
  • Draw Speed
  • Range
  • Stability
  • Reload Speed
  • Zoom
Long Bow
  • Damage


Name Upgrades Upgrade Levels
Traveler’s Attire
  • Fog of War (20% reduction at level 2)
  • Fog of War (30% reduction at level 3)
  • Alerts of nearby artifact (level 4)


Samurai Clan Armor
  • Damage reduction (level 2)
  • More health (level 3)
  • Taking hits gives 30% resolve (level 4)


Ronin Attire
  • Enemy Detection Speed (level 2, 4)
  • Melee Damage (level 3)
Tadayori’s Armor
  • Knock Speed (level 2)
  • Reload Speed (level 2)
  • Concentration (level 3 and 4)
Sakai Clan Armor
  • Melee Damage (level 2)
  • Health (level 3)
  • Standoff (level 4)
Gosaku’s Armor
  • Health Cap (level 2)
  • Stagger Damage (level 3)
  • HP Regen (level 4)
Kensei Armor
  • Resolve (level 2)
  • Ghost Weapon Damage (level 3 and 4)
  • Damage reduction (level 4)

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