Ghost of Tsushima - Best Techniques to Get

A guide on the best techniques to get in Ghost of Tsushima. Included are recommended Samurai Techniques, recommended Ghost Weapons, and recommended Evolving Tactics to spend Technique Points on as you progress through the main story.

Ghost of Tsushima - Best Techniques to Get

Best Techniques, Ghost Weapons, and Evolving Tactics to Get

Below is a list of recommended Samurai Techniques, Ghost Weapons, and Evolving Tactics that you should unlock as you progress through the game’s main story.

Please note that we are still in the process of updating this page.

Techniques Guide

Recommended Samurai Techniques

Ghost of Tsushima - Best Techniques, Ghost Weapons, and Evolving Tactics



The first Samurai technique that you can acquire is the roll evasion technique. It is an extremely useful skill, especially for avoiding unblockable attacks. Press the ○ button twice to execute a roll.

Dodging Slash

Allows you to perform a quick slash as you dodge. Good for hit-and-run tactics against slow-moving enemies or when outnumbered.

Perfect Dodge

Dodging at the last moment lets you follow up with a strong counterattack. A good option to have, especially if you tend to dodge attacks more instead of parrying.


Perfect Parry

A must-have deflection technique. Allows you to perform a powerful counterattack by timing a parry at the last moment. Reliable in almost any combat situation, especially duels.

Unyielding Sword Parry/Unyielding Spear Parry

Unyielding Sword Parry allows you to parry unblockable attacks against Mongol Warriors. Acquiring it turns the red warning flash of incoming unblockable attacks to blue, making them opportunities to deflect the strike.

Unyielding Spear Parry is essentially the same as the sword version but works against enemies with spears.

Mythic Combat Arts

Heavenly Strike

Heavenly Strike is a powerful Mythic Combat Art that can be performed by spending accumulated Resolve. The Mythic Tale to acquire the Technique is also quite easy to clear so it should be one of the first skills to get.

Technique List

Recommended Ghost Techniques

Ghost of Tsushima - Best Techniques, Ghost Weapons, and Evolving Tactics

Hidden Blade

Increases the number of kunai thrown to three. Very effective against Mongol spearmen and those with shields which are frequently encountered in nearly all stages of the game.

Explosive Shrapnel

The final upgrade for the black powder bomb. Has quite a big blast radius to easily take out enemies clumped together, making it useful in fort battles.

Ghost Weapons List

Recommended Evolving Tactics

Assassination/Chain Assassination

Assassination allows you to sneak up on enemies and take them out silently in one strike. It is one of the first skills you will acquire as you progress through the main story (Jin’s Journey) and will serve you well throughout the entirety of the game regardless of your playstyle.

With Chain Assassination unlocked, you will be able to kill multiple enemies in one fluid motion, making it the most efficient way of clearing out enemy camps. Note that Chain Assassination is almost essential when you want to take full advantage of Ghost stance as it requires you to kill enemies without getting hit to charge it.


Similar to Assassination, Standoffs can be initiated to take out enemies quickly by challenging them up front as you approach their camps. During a Standoff, you must intercept your opponent’s attack at the right moment to instantly kill them. Upgrading the skill allows you to defeat multiple attackers to easily thin out the enemies’ numbers.

Iron Will

Allows you to spend 2 charges of Resolve to get up after being defeated. Essentially a second wind that lets you survive tough encounters.

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