Ghost of Tsushima - Collectibles Guide

A guide on all collectibles in Ghost of Tsushima, including a list of all collectibles, all collectible locations, collection rewards, achievements, and trophies.

Ghost of Tsushima - Collections Guide

What are Collections?

Ghost of Tsushima features a number of collectible missions under the Collections tab of the menu. Your progress of finding all of the game’s collectibles can be viewed here.

Ghost of Tsushima - Collectibles Guide

List of Collectibles

All Collectibles
Records (40) Mongol Artifacts (50)
Vanity Gear (59) Hot Springs (18)
Bamboo Strike (16) Shinto Shrines (16)
Lighthouses (8) Pillars of Honor (23)
Inari Shrines (49) Haiku Spots (13)
Hidden Altars (10) Sahimono Banners (80)
Singing Crickets (20)

Trophy List

List of Collectibles

Below are descriptions of some collectibles in Ghost of Tsushima:


Ghost of Tsushima - All Record Locations

Records are pieces of text which contain the recorded thoughts of various characters in the game’s open world.

There are a total of 40 records in the game.

All Records Locations

Mongol Artifacts

Mongol artifacts are collectible items that provide useful information on the Mongols, including their way of life and approach to war.

Ghost of Tsushima - All Mongol Artifact Locations

There are 50 Mongol Artifacts in the game.

All Mongol Artifact Locations

Vanity Gears

Vanity Gear are special pieces of clothing that you can wear which have effects on allies and enemies you encounter. Equipping Vanity Gear can give you advantages (or disadvantages) in combat. There are a total of 59 Vanity Gear in the game.

How to Get All Vanity Gear

Hot Springs

Spending time at a hot spring increases your maximum health.

Ghost of Tsushima - All Hot Springs Locations

There are a total of 18 discoverable hot springs in the game.

All Hot Spring Locations

Bamboo Strikes

Ghost of Tsushima - Bamboo Strikes

Bamboo Strikes are mini games that require you to slice through a bunch of bamboo by inputting a sequence of buttons. There are a total of 16 Bamboo Strike mini games in the game.

All Bamboo Strike Locations

Shinto Shrines

Shinto shrines are special landmarks to honor the Kami. You will also find charms and yew wood in these locations.

Ghost of Tsushima - All Shinto Shrine Locations

There are a total of 16 Shinto shrines in the game.

All Shinto Shrine Locations


Lighthouses are special landmarks that can be rekindled. There are a total of 8 lighthouses to find in the game.

All Lighthouse Locations

Pillars of Honor

Pillars of Honor are special landmarks that have been erected to honor the memory of fallen samurai. You can obtain sword kits from by visiting them.

Ghost of Tsushima - Pillar of Honor Locations

There are a total of 23 Pillars of Honor in the game.

All Pillar of Honor Locations

Inari Shrines or Fox Dens

Inari shrines are special landmarks hidden throughout the island of Tsushima. Honoring them unlocks additional minor charm slots which allows you to equip more charms and benefit from their combined effects.

Ghost of Tsushima - Inari Shrines

Note that foxes found wandering around the map or at fox dens can be followed to the location of hidden Inari shrines. There are a total of 49 Inari Shrines or Fox Dens needed to be cleared in the game.

All Inari Shrine Locations

Haiku Spots

Haiku spots are scenic locations where you can compose haikus. Doing so allows you to obtain special headbands that you can wear.

Ghost of Tsushima - All Haiku Spots

There are a total of 13 haiku spots in the game.

All Haiku Spot Locations

Sashimono Banners

Sashimono are small banners worn by samurai warriors during the feudal era of Japan.

Ghost of Tsushima - All Sashimono Banners

There are 80 Sashimono Banners obtainable within the island.

All Sashimono Banner Locations

Singing Crickets

Singing Crickets are gathered in order to unlock new flute songs for Jin Sakai to play while in the open world.

Ghost of Tsushima - All Singing Cricket Locations

There are 20 Singing Crickets obtainable within Tsushima Island.

All Singing Cricket Locations

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