Ghost of Tsushima - Eternal Blue Sky Walkthrough

Eternal Blue Sky walkthrough (Jin's Journey) for Ghost of Tsushima. Included are main story quest objectives, locations, tales, obtainable items, rewards, materials, collections, enemies, bosses, and strategies for clearing it.

Ghost of Tsushima - Eternal Blue Sky Walkthrough

Eternal Blue Sky Walkthrough

Ghost of Tsushima - Eternal Blue Sky Walkthrough


Jin’s Journey (Main Quest) Act 3: Kill the Khan
Eternal Blue Sky
Locations Obtainable Items Rewards
  • Port Izumi
  • Mongol Warship
  • Major Legend Increase
Unlock Conditions
Clear Heart of the Jito.

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Obtainable Items

Item Location


Speak with Yuna – Defeat the Mongol reinforcments

1 Talk to Yuna at the frozen lake. Afterwards, talk to Norio in the temple, sensei Ishikawa near the boywer, Kenji near the armorer, and Masako at the temple’s altar.
2 Speak with Yuna again near the swordsmith.
3 Battle the Mongol forces at the fishing camp. Get ready for two more waves of enemies when you go up the stairs and further into the camp.

Speak with Yuna – Find a vantage point to locate the Khan

1 Talk to Yuna after mopping up the remaining Mongols. Afterwards, go up the hill and make a right to find a frozen river going through Port Izumi.
2 Approach the clearing between the rocks after moving across the road and use move along the river bank through the grass. Go up the rocks at the far end and take cover in the grass again.
3 Before proceeding, wait for the Mongols ahead to leave. When the coast is clear, go up the roof of the building to your left using the bales of grass next to it. Move along the roof and drop onto the grass. Head right and take use hallucination darts on the Mongols to quickly dispose of them.
4 Take out two more Mongols by the tower as you go deeper towards the vantage point. Go up to the vantage point afterwards.

Confront the Khan at the manor house – Defeat Khotun Khan

1 Take out the Mongols forces on the way to the manor house with Lord Shimura’s help. Go through the opening when you arrive at the manor house gate and to the courtyard.
2 Get ready to take on Khotun Khan. Watch out for the range of his spear, especially his one-handed triple sweep that comes out fairly fast and is unblockable. To avoid this, it is recommended to fight him at mid-range, staying at a slight distance away from him. This allows you to roll backwards to avoid the opening strike and rush in when he recovers from the third sweep. The rest of the fight is pretty standard. Dodge to the side for unblockable attacks. You can parry him when he opens up with the stick end of his spear.
3 Use Resolve to keep yourself alive as you head for the ships to follow Khan. You can try taking out the Mongol soldiers along the way to accumulate Resolve if you want. Otherwise, simply run past them.

Don’t let Khan escape – Defeat Khotun Khan

1 Get ready to battle Khotun Khan again when you reach the ship. Unlike the previous encounter, you will need to fight Khan while he is assisted by Mongol forces. When the fight starts, take out the swordsmen first and focus on Khan who will mostly use the same moves during your last fight. After severely wounding him once, Khan will call archers to rain down flaming and poison arrows in the area. Kill the archers on the upper platform first. Stay on the move and use every resource available to you, including explosive arrows, sticky bombs, and kunai mostly on Khan. You can pick up a few more supplies around the ship if you are running low. When Khan is defeated, press the △ button to deal the final blow.
2 After defeating Khotun Khan, follow Yuna back to Jogaku Temple.


Final Battle

The final battle’s difficulty spikes up after severely wounding Khan the first time. The archers in the upper platform will constantly shoot flaming and poison arrows, making it very risky to engage any of the melee enemies for too long. Take them out by shooting the explosive barrels near them or attack them up close.

Use bombs to damage the melee enemies that approach you in groups to take out as much of their health as you can. This will allow you to finish them off quickly up close so you can move away again. You can also shoot the hanging braziers when the melee enemies get in position to make dealing with them more manageable.

Khan himself poses no threat when alone. He will switch to a sword and shield during the last phase of the fight so use Water stance to finish him off.

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