Ghost of Tsushima - All Pillar of Honor Locations and Guide

A guide on where to find all Pillar of Honor and Sword Kits in Ghost of Tsushima. Included are information on Pillars of Honor, Sword Kits, a list of all Pillar of Honor locations, and how to get the Lost and Found trophy.

Ghost of Tsushima - All Pillar of Honor Locations and Guide

What are Pillars of Honor?

Pillars of Honor are special landmarks that have been erected to honor the memory of fallen samurai.

Ghost of Tsushima - All Pillar of Honor Locations and Guide

Sword kits can be acquired at these locations, allowing you to customize the appearance of your sword, the Sakai Storm.

All Sword Kit Locations


Trophy How to Unlock
PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyLost and Found Find a Pillar of Honor and obtain the Sword Kit.

Trophy List

All Pillar of Honor Locations

There are a total of 23 Pillars of Honor you can find in the game.

All Collections Guide

Region 1: Izuhara Region

Pillar of Honor Location Sword Kit
#1 Azamo Pillar of Honor 1 Within Wakou Island east of the fishing village, Azamo Prefecture. Twilight Oni
#2 Azamo Pillar of Honor 2 At Sakimori Overlook, Azamo Prefecture. Mamushi Venom
#3 Ariake Pillar of Honor At the tip of the peninsula overlooking the Sibling Rocks, Ariake Prefecture Warrior’s Brush
#4 Komatsu Pillar of Honor West of Shigenori’s Peak, Komatsu Prefecture. Spring Bamboo
#5 Komoda Pillar of Honor In the scorched field north of First General’s Field, east from Kiyomori’s Landing, Komoda Prefecture. Genbu’s Darkness
#6 Hiyoshi Pillar of Honor 1 On the cliffs southeast of Hiyoshi Village, Hiyoshi Prefecture. Yasha’s Embers
#7 Hiyoshi Pillar of Honor 2 At Kaneda Inlet, Hiyoshi Prefecture. Fuujin’s Secret

Region 2: Toyotama Region

Pillar of Honor Location Sword Kit
#8 Akashima Pillar of Honor 1 South of Akashima, on the coast east of the Old Togo Rice Field, Akashima Prefecture. Dueling Festival
#9 Akashima Pillar of Honor 2 On the tip of the tiny peninsula in the east, Akashima Prefecture. Moon Bear’s Paw
#10 Akashima Pillar of Honor 3 Between the rivers, south of Old Kanazawa Marsh, Akashima Prefecture. Breath of Hachiman
#11 Umugi Pillar of Honor 1 On the tip of the narrow peninsula southeast from the Umagi village, Umugi Prefecture. Warrior’s Faith
#12 Umugi Pillar of Honor 2 West of Kazumasa’s Isle and south from Old Clan’s Hill, Umugi Prefecture. Hijiki in Sunlight
#13 Otsuna Pillar of Honor North of Yoshinaka Bay, Otsuna Prefecture. Hunting Bear
#14 Kushi Pillar of Honor South of Old Toyotama Hills and west of the lake in Kushi, Kushi Prefecture. Gold Koi River
#15 Kushi Pillar of Honor North of Little Monk’s Pond, Kushi Prefecture. Bishamon’s Fortune
#16 Kubara Pillar of Honor In Sibling Bay west of Kubara Castle, Kubara Prefecture. Yuzu Peel

Region 3: Kamiagata Region

Pillar of Honor Location Sword Kit
#17 Kin Pillar of Honor 1 Northeast of Kin Village, Kin Prefecture. Azure Dragon
#18 Kin Pillar of Honor 2 North of the lighthouse and at the end of the Iwai Village’s peninsula, Kin Prefecture. Sly Tanuki
#19 Kin Pillar of Honor 3 On the shoal northeast of Shinboku Inn, Kin Prefecture. Midnight Hanabi
#20 Sago Pillar of Honor West of the Bitter Hills and southeast of Fort Kikuchi, Sago Prefecture. Shogun’s Storm
#21 Jogaku Pillar of Honor 1 By the lake east of Jogaku Temple, Jogaku Prefecture. Island’s Keeper
#22 Jogaku Pillar of Honor 2 North of the temple on the northern slope of Mount Jogaku, Jogaku Prefecture. Tanuki’s Brush
#23 Jogaku Pillar of Honor 3 On the cliffs in the northeastern side, Jogaku Prefecture. Hidden Forest

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