Ghost of Tsushima - The Legend of Tadayori Walkthrough

The Legend of Tadayori walkthrough (Mythic Tale) for Ghost of Tsushima. Included are the Mythic Tale's objectives, locations, tales, obtainable items, rewards, materials, collections, enemies, bosses, and strategies for clearing it.

Ghost of Tsushima - The Legend of Tadayori Walkthrough

The Legend of Tadayori Walkthrough

Ghost of Tsushima - The Legend of Tadayori Walkthrough


Mythic Tale
The Legend of Tadayori
Locations Obtainable Items Rewards
  • Violet’s Crown
  • Tadayori’s Rest
  • Azamo Bay
  • Moderate Legend Increase
  • Tadayori’s Armor Set
Unlock Conditions
Clear The Tale of Sensei IshikawaThe Tale of Lady Masako, and The Tale of Ryuzo. Afterwards, head to Azamo and listen to Tadayori’s tale from Yamato.

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Obtainable Items

Item Location
Tadayori’s Armor Set Obtained behind the statue at Azamo Bay.


Travel to northern Azamo

1 After listening to Yamato, head to the Violet’s Crown in the northern part of Azamo. When you are near, you should see violet flowers just ahead.
2 Follow the flowers and up the mountain to reach Violet’s Crown. Examine the map to Tadayori’s Rest in the container and the incense there.

Investigate Violet’s Crown – Find the location on the map

1 Ride north to Houren’s Pasture. You will know you are in the right track when you find violet flowers along the path again.
2 As you get close to the destination, you should reach a mountain range that blocks your path to Tadayori’s Rest. Head to the foot of the mountain and go through the hole in the wall to the left of a lamp.
3 Follow the path on the other side of the wall to find some dead Mongol soliders. Press on forward and through an opening in the rocks to reach Tadayori’s Rest.

Investigate the cemetery – Collect Tadayori’s Armor

1 Examine the graves in the area and defeat Kaede. Afterwards, ride to Azamo Bay.
2 Defeat the Mongols there and talk to the musician. Check behind the statue to get Tadayori’s Armor.
3 Defeat another wave of Mongols that appear while protecting the musician.


Defeating Kaede

The fight against Kaede is pretty straightforward. Use Stone stance and and parry her when she opens up with a regular downward slash, allowing you to follow up with a few strikes to chip away at her health.

Watch out when she raises her sword with one hand holding the blade end as she will perform an unblockable downward slash that has varying timing. Stay at mid range to bait it out and dodge as soon as you see the red glint. Pummel her with Techniques and she will be defeated.

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