Ghost of Tsushima - Katana Upgrade and Customization Guide

A guide on how to upgrade the Sakai katana in Ghost of Tsushima. Included are information on upgrading the Sakai katana, required materials to upgrade, upgrade levels, and customization.

Ghost of Tsushima - Katana Upgrade Guide

Katana Upgrade Guide

Jin’s katana, the Sakai Katana, is his primary weapon for fighting various enemies in Ghost of Tsushima. As progress further into the main story and take on tougher foes, you will want to upgrade its performance in battle.

Ghost of Tsushima - Katana Upgrade and Customization Guide

Katana Upgrade Materials

Ghost of Tsushima - Katana Upgrade and Customization Guide

Upgrading the Sakai Katana requires various materials obtained during exploration or from clearing Tales and liberation missions. You will need large amounts of the material to refine your weapon to its strongest version so be sure to do as many side quests and missions as you can in between main story quests.

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How to Upgrade the Sakai Katana

Ghost and Tsushima - Katana Upgrade and Customization Guide

You can upgrade the Sakai Katana (along with other weapons and armor) by talking to vendors found in towns, temples, and camps. Vendors specialize in different types of equipment. To upgrade your sword, look for a Swordsmiths in the locations mentioned

Katana Upgrade Levels

Ghost and Tsushima - Katana Upgrade and Customization Guide

The materials required to upgrade the Sakai Katana increases the more you enhance the weapon. Below is a summary of the sword’s upgrade levels and the materials needed.

Level Required Materials
Sakai Katana Level I None
Sakai Katana Level II
  • Supplies x150
  • Iron x10
Sakai Katana Level III
  • Supplies x300
  • Iron x25
  • Steel x5
Sakai Katana Level IV
  • Supplies x450
  • Iron x40
  • Steel x10
  • Gold x10
Sakai Katana Level V
  • Supplies x600
  • Iron x65
  • Steel x20
  • Gold x2
Sakai Katana Level VI
  • Supplies x750
  • Iron x80
  • Steel x40
  • Gold x4
Sakai Katana Level VII
  • Supplies x1000
  • Iron x100
  • Steel x80
  • Gold x6

Katana Customization

Obtain Sword Kits

Ghost of Tsushima - Sword Kits

You can use sword kits obtained at Pillars of Honor to change things such as the sword’s sheathe and hilt. Adornments and accessories can also be added to it.

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Ghost of Tsushima - Katana Customization Ghost of Tsushima - Katana Customization Ghost of Tsushima - Katana Customization

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