Ghost of Tsushima - All Duel Locations and Guide

Overview and guide on Duels in Ghost of Tsushima. This includes a list of all duels Jin Sakai can participate within the game.

Ghost of Tsushima - All Duel Locations and Guide

What Are Duels?

Duels in Ghost of Tsushima are narrative-based one-on-one battle sequences against an enemy.

Ghost of Tsushima - All Duel Locations and Guide

Enemies may include Straw Hat assassins hired to killed Jin. These duels occur against expert swordsmen and are optional for the most part of the story.


Winning some duels will reward Jin an additional technique points that may help in unlocking Mystic Techniques. In total, you need to win 5 unique duels in order to unlock all Mythic Techniques.

Mythic Techniques

There are four mythic techniques that Jin can learn in the game:

Technique Technique Description
Heavenly Strike A quick unblockable attack that inflicts extra damage against Staggered enemies.
Dance of Wrath Unleash three consecutive unblockable attacks that inflict high damage.
Way of the Flame Use Incendiary Oil to ignite your katana and burn your foes.
Explosive Arrow Heavy arrow fitted with volatile powder that explodes on impact.

Technique List


Trophy How to Unlock
PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyThere Can Only Be One Clear all duels.

Trophy List

All Duel Locations

There are a total of 25 duels needed to be cleared in the game. Some duels are story-based while some open world-based.

All Collections Guide

Main Story Duels (Jin’s Journey)

Tale Opponent Location
Prologue Khotun Khan (1st Encounter) Kaneda Castle
Act 1: “Shadow of the Samurai Ryuzo (1st Encounter) Kaneda Castle
Act 2: “The Ghost of Yarikawa General Temuge Yarikawa Keep
Act 2: “From the Darkness Ryuzo (2nd Encounter) Castle Shimura
Act 3: “Eternal Blue Sky Khotun Khan (2nd Encounter) Khotun Khan’s Battleship
Act 3: “The Tale of Lord Shimura Lord Shimura Omi Lake

Side Quest Duels (Tales of Tsushima)

Tale Opponent Location
Unfinished Business Warlord Harunori In Azamo bay, Azamo Prefecture
The Other Side of Honor Jinroku North of Shigenori Peak
The Conspirator Masako South of Old Toyotama Hills
Message in Blood Altan Southwest or Mamushi’s Farmstead
A Thief of Innocence Sanetoki Southwest of Lady Sanjo’s Bridge
Fit for the Khan General Bartu South side of Jogaku Prefecture
Fit for the Khan General Dogshin West side of Mount Jogaku

Mythic Tale Duels

Duel Opponent Location
The Legend of Tadayori Kaede Near the Rustling Beind and the West of Azamo Foothills
The Heavenly Strike Yasuhira Koga Southeast of River Fall Bridge
The Curse of Uchitsune Tengu Demon In Hidden Spring’s Forest
The Spirit of Yarikawa’s Vengeance The Spirit of Yarikawa West of Rebel’s Last Stand
The Six Blades of Kojiro Yasumasa South of Old Kanzawa Marsh, Toyotama Region
The Six Blades of Kojiro Hirostune In the field of the Equinox Flower, Toyotama Region
The Six Blades of Kojiro Tomotsugu North of Urashima’s Vilalge, Toyotama Region
The Six Blades of Kojiro Kiyochika Southwest of Senzo’s Inn, Toyotama Region
The Six Blades of Kojiro Kanetomo East of Kubara Prefecture, Toyotama Region
The Six Blades of Kojiro Kojiro Kojiro’s Hideout, Southwest of Lady Sanjo’s Bridge, Umugi Prefecture
The Undying Flame Bettomaru Northwest of Zentai’s Crest Farm, Jogaku Prefecture

Other Duels

Tale Opponent Location
Liberate Ogawa Dojo Warlord Dogar Southwest of Yoichi’s Slope

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