Ghost of Tsushima - How to Get the Ghost Armor Set

A guide on how to get the Ghost Armor Set in Ghost of Tsushima. Included are information on the armor set's location, required Tales to unlock, and Ghost Armor Set stats and effects.

Ghost of Tsushima - How to Get the Ghost Armor Set

How to Get the Ghost Armor Set

The Ghost Armor Set is one of the best armor sets and represents Jin’s full transformation to the titular vigilante hero of the game.  Obtaining the Ghost Armor simply requires you to progress through Jin’s Journey (main quest).

Armor Set Location

Reward for Clearing From the Darkness

Ghost of Tsushima - How to Get the Ghost Armor Set

The Ghost Armor Set is obtained after clearing From the Darkness at the end of Act 2 of the main story. Note that the armor set is acquired fairly far into the main story, though its passive armor effects more than make the ordeal worthwhile.

Main Story Walkthroughs

Ghost Armor Stats and Passive Armor Effects

Ghost of Tsushima - Ghost Armor Set

  • Reduces enemy detection speed by 25% to 40%.
  • Reduces the number of kills needed to enter the Ghost Stance by 1 to 2.
  • Kills have a 15% to 30% chance to terrify a nearby enemy.

The Ghost Armor significantly reduces enemy detection speed and is an excellent armor set for stealth missions. It also shaves off up to 2 required kills when upgraded before Ghost stance is activated.

Performing assassinations, whether the single or chained version, also has a good chance of rendering enemies into a terrified state. Foes who witnessed your swift kill will be unable to fight, giving you the opportunity to take them out without any resistance.

Because of these features, the Ghost Armor Set is good enough to take you through the end of the game. You can simply switch to other armor sets for duels and other direct encounters which cannot be approached in stealth.

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