Ghost of Tsushima - Exploration Guide

A guide on exploration in Ghost of Tsushima. Included are basic features when exploring the game's open world, locations, and non-player characters (NPCs) encountered.

Ghost of Tsushima - Exploration Guide

Exploring Tsushima

The island of Tsushima is a massive open world with many locations to explore. You will come across various towns, forests, enemy encampments, shrines, and other landmarks on your journey. Many non-player characters such as travelers, hostile warriors, and wild animals appear on the road. Familiarize yourself with each of them and know what they offer in the game.

Exploration Features

World Map and Guiding Winds

Ghost of Tsushima - Exploration Guide

Opening the menu brings up a map of the game world, allowing you to see locations you have visited as well as undiscovered ones. You can use the Guiding Wind to lead you to your destination after you have marked it on the map.

Activating the Guiding Wind

Ghost of Tsushima - Exploration Guide

The Guiding Wind is activated by pressing Right on the directional pad. It appears as a noticeable rush of wind that moves toward the direction of your intended destination. Whenever you are lost, use the Guiding Wind to help you find your way again.

Fast Travel

After visiting a newly discovered location, you will be able to fast travel to it at any time during the game. This is useful for saving time when returning to areas you have been to before.


Ghost of Tsushima - Exploration Guide

You can ride your horse to get around the island faster. Press Left on the directional pad to call it at any time during your journey. The horse is obtained during the Prologue (Jin’s Journey) which you will have to name as well.

Horse Guide



Ghost of Tsushima - Exploration Guide

Tsushima has many forests where trees and small plants grow. Resources such as bamboo and yew wood can be gathered here by pressing the R2 button.


Ghost of Tsushima - Exploration Guide

You will also come across numerous shacks scattered across the island. Most of them have been abandoned because of the Mongol invasion so feel free to grab any supplies or resources left behind by the people who lived there.


Ghost of Tsushima - Towns and Villages

Various towns and villages can be visited while exploring Tsushima. These are inhabited by people you can talk to for news and rumors around the island and are good ways to discover and initiate side quests.


Ghost of Tsushima - Exploration Guide

Farmstead’s are Mongol-held territories which you can help by rescuing the hostages there. Upon discovering a held farmstead, the number of people you need to rescue appears on the upper left corner of the screen. Bonus objectives will also be indicated which grant you additional rewards if you meet them.

You can pot a farmstead needing rescue by following the smoke that rises in the horizon.

Mongol Camps

Ghost of Tsushima - Exploration Guide

Mongol camps are enemy outposts which you must occasionally infiltrate during the main story or during side quests. They are normally heavily guarded so it is best to proceed undetected.

Fox Dens

Ghost of Tsushima - Exploration Guide

Fox dens are areas where foxes can usually be found. These animals can be followed to Inari shrines which are invaluable locations for improving Jin’s combat performance using charms.

Inari Shrines

Ghost of Tsushima - Exploration Guide

Inari Shrines are special landmarks that allow you to unlock additional charm slots if you stop and honor them. Each time you find three (3) Inari shrines, a new charm slot is obtained. Having as many charms equipped as you can is helpful as they bestow a number of different special effects.

Non-player Characters (NPCs)


Ghost of Tsushima - Exploration Guide

You will come across various human NPCs that will give you information about the island, including events and locations they have seen or visited. They may also give you side quests which give useful rewards. It is recommended to stop and talk to as many travelers as you can during your journey.



Ghost of Tsushima - Exploration Guide

As mentioned previously, foxes can be followed to hidden Inari shrines. They are non-hostile creatures that can be found all throughout the island of Tsushima. It has not been revealed if foxes can be attacked, though doing so is likely to have consequences.


Ghost of Tsushima - Exploration Guide

Birds will appear whenever you are near undiscovered locations or events while you are out on the road. A bird will eventually land after leading you somemwhere. Look around for any hidden areas nearby when the bird stops at a location.


Ghost of Tsushima - Exploration Guide

Deer also inhabit the island of Tsushima. It is likely that these animals can be hunted for their meat, though this has yet to be confirmed.


Ghost of Tsushima - Exploration Guide

Bears also occasionally appear along the roads while you are exploring. They are aggressive and will not hesitate to attack anything that approaches them.

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