Ghost of Tsushima - Standoffs Guide

A guide on standoffs in Ghost of Tsushima. Included are the basic mechanics of standoffs, how to initiate them, advantages, and strategies to win.

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Standoffs Guide

What are Standoffs?

Ghost of Tsushima - Standoffs Guide

Standoffs are challenges that Jin can propose to enemies encountered throughout the game. Engaging in standoffs allows you to quickly kill those who accept the challenge with a single strike.

How to Initiate Standoffs

Ghost of Tsushima - Standoffs Guide

Standoffs can be initiated any time against an enemy when the standoff prompt appears. To engage in a standoff, press and hold the Up on the directional pad when the prompt appears on a foe to challenge them. Standoff prompts usually appear when you approach Mongol-held territories but can also be initiated during stealthy infiltration.

Winning Standoffs

When the standoff commences, you must hold down the △ button and release it at the precise moment that your opponent should swings at you to counter them. If done right, you will kill them with one blow. Note that it is possible for multiple enemies to come at you during a standoff so do not drop your guard after killing one of them.

Ghost of Tsushima - Standoffs Guide

Standoff Procedure
1 Press Up on the directional pad when approaching a Mongol territory to initiate a Standoff.
2 Hold the △ button when prompted to ready your counterattack.
3 Release the △ button button just before the opponent’s attack lands to instantly kill them.


Standoffs allow you to quickly accumulate Resolve charges by taking out enemies with one strike. During a standoff against multiple enemies, you will earn three (3) charges of Resolve for the first foe defeated, two (2) for the second, and one (1) for each succeeding enemy killed. Because of this, it is recommended to engage in Standoffs whenever you can.

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1 Ghost of Tsushima - Standoffs Guide
2 Ghost of Tsushima - Standoffs Guide
3 Ghost of Tsushima - Standoffs Guide

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