Ghost of Tsushima - Resolve System Guide

A guide on the Resolve system in Ghost of Tsushima. Included are basic mechanics of the Resolve gauge, how to build up Resolve, and tips on using it in combat.

Ghost of Tsushima - Resolve System Guide

Resolve System Guide

What is Resolve?

Ghost of Tsushima - Resolve System Guide

Resolve is a key combat mechanic in Ghost of Tsushima which is represented by a gauge above Jin’s health bar on the lower left corner of the screen.

As you fight and defeat enemies, the Resolve bar will accumulate charges which appear as yellow circles. You can expend Resolve to regain health or use special techniques in battle.

Special techniques, meanwhile, have varying amounts of Resolve expended. More powerful techniques will require more charges while weaker ones will expend as few as only one charge (to be confirmed).

How to Gain Resolve

Killing Enemies

Ghost of Tsushima - Resolve System Guide

Killing enemies lets you accumulate Resolve. Each enemy defeated grants you one charge of Resolve, though it is possible to gain as much as three for a single kill during standoffs.

Parrying Enemies

Ghost of Tsushima - Resolve System Guide

Tapping L1 at the precise moment that an opponent’s attack connects also allows you to gain Resolve. Try to aim for perfect parries by deflecting attacks at the last minute to gain more Resolve charges than normal.

Tips in Using Resolve

Inviting Enemies to Standoffs

Ghost of Tsushima - Resolve System Guide

Standoffs allow you to quickly accumulate Resolve by taking out each enemy with one strike. The first enemy defeated lets you gain three charges of Resolve, the second with two, and all succeeding ones with one. (to be confirmed)

Healing with Resolve

Do not hesitate to use Resolve to regain HP as you staying alive and taking down more enemies will simply let you regain the ones you expended. This method also allows you to save up on using healing items.

Lining Enemies Up for Special Techniques

Ghost of Tsushima - Resolve System Guide

To get the most value out of spending Resolve to use special techniques, try to line enemies up to damage as many of them as possible. This allows you to more efficiently manage your Resolve charges and have them available during tougher encounters.

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