Ghost of Tsushima - Shadow of the Samurai Walkthrough

Shadow of the Samurai walkthrough (Jin's Journey) for Ghost of Tsushima. Included are main story quest objectives, locations, tales, obtainable items, rewards, materials, collections, enemies, bosses, and strategies for clearing it.

Ghost of Tsushima - Shadow of the Samurai Walkthrough

Shadow of the Samurai Walkthrough

Ghost of Tsushima - Shadow of the Samurai Walkthrough


Jin’s Journey (Main Quest) Act 1: Rescue Lord Shimura
Shadow of the Samurai
Locations Obtainable Items Rewards
  • Kaneda Castle
  • Major Legend Increase
Unlock Conditions
Clear The Iron Hook.

Tale Walkthrough Directory

Obtainable Items

Item Location


Meet Yuna at Komatsu Forge

1 Talk to Yuna at Komatsu Forge. You can also talk to sensei Ishikawa and Masako before heading out.
2 Talk to Yuna again to begin the attack.

Scale the cliffs to infiltrate Castle Kaneda – Find the Mongol alarm

1 Follow the path to the infiltration point. Use the grappling hook to latch onto the trunk on the cliff.
2 Make your way across the log to the next cliff. Walk to the end and jump to a branch. From there jump again and use the grappling hook to another tree branch to make it across to the other side. Use the handholds to go up.
3 Make a right and proceed along the path until you find a rock that you can climb. Go through the opening in the wall and immediately hide in the grass.
4 Move carefully while taking out patrolling Mongol warriors on your way to the alarm.

Defeat the Mongols guarding the alarm – Meet Yuna near the bridge

1 Throw a wind chime to set up the Mongols guarding the alarm for easy assassination. Afterwards, go with Masako to the upper courtyard. Take out the Mongols near the gate.
2 To the right of the gate is a rock wall that you can climb. Wait until one of the Mongol guards gets separated from the group and take him out.
3 Go up the series of walls while taking out the remaining Mongol guards in the area. Talk to Masako afterwards.
4 Head for the other side of the bridge and look for Yuna behind some barrels.

Defeat the Mongols guarding the bridge – Find a way around the locked gate

1 Clear out the area of Mongol enemies. Note that there are 7 of them patrolling the area, including one archer.
2 After dealing with the enemies, head to the bridge and to the gate ahead.
3 Since the gate is locked, make your way across the cliff. Afterwards, go down to the ledge below. Jump across the beams and go over the gap using the grapple hook.
4 Proceed forward until you come across a branch that you can jump on to. From there, use the grapple hook again to swing to the other side. Go up the cliff and through the opening in the fence.

Open the bridge gate for Yuna – Find a way past the locked gate

1 Open the gate for Yuna and take out the Mongol guard in the courtyard. Get ready to deal with enemy reinforcements on the way, including a Mongol leader. Before proceeding further, collect items around the area.
2 Go up the stairs going to the main courtyard. Make a left to the opening on the fence when you reach the locked gate.
3 After the cutscene, prepare to fight Ryuzo.

Defeat Ryuzo – Enter the Keep

1 One of the best chances to attack Ryuzo is after he performs his one-handed sword thrust attack. Watch for when he stretches out his left arm before following up with a stab (it has pretty good range so you can still get clipped if you step back). Dodge or parry it before following up with three quick strikes as he recovers. He will throw out a lot of unblockable attacks which can be avoided by dodging to the side.
2 After the fight, get ready to battle a wave of Mongol reinforcements.
3 Go inside the keep and take out the Mongol enemies there. Focus on the swordsmen first, the spearman second, and the mace-wielding brute last.

Reach the top floor – Defeat the Mongols

1 Climb up the ladder on the left. Approach the sliding door to assassinate the guard standing outside.
2 Move along and climb another ladder. Open the door ahead and take out the Mongol swordsman and one with a shield. Continue up yet another ladder.
3 Approach another sliding door to take out another guard in the next room. Take out the enemy guarding Lord Shimura and talk to him.
4 Afterwards, follow Lord Shimura out of the castle while defeating Mongols along the way. Get ready for one final clash with the remaining castle’s defenses as your allies join you.


Courtyard Battle Hanging Braziers

Several hanging braziers can be found in the way to the main courtyard just before the fight with Ryuzo. Use them to your advantage to easily take out the wave of Mongol enemies that appear.

Parry Ryuzo

It is recommended to parry Ryuzo to accumulate Resolve during the duel with him. This allows you to use techniques or heal when you need to. The best chance to deflect his strike is when he winds up his sword thrust attack. It is does not come out that fast so timing a parry should not be too hard.

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