Ghost of Tsushima - Game Controls

Game controls in Ghost of Tsushima's PlayStation 4 version. Including the commands for switching stances, quickfire weapons, or throwing items.

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Ghost of Tsushima - Game Controls

Game Controls

Ghost of Tsushima - Game Controls

Below is a list of inputs and commands in Ghost of Tsushima on the DualShock 4 (PlayStation 4).

Input Command
PlayStation 4 - Left Stick Player Movement
PlayStation 4 - Right Stick Camera
PlayStation 4 - Triangle Button Heavy Attack/Chain Assassinate/Change to Assigned Stance/Change Throwing Item
PlayStation 4 - Square Button Quick Attack Assassinate/Change to Assigned Stance/Change Throwing Item
PlayStation 4 - Circle Button Dash/Change to Assigned Stance/Change Throwing Item
PlayStation 4 - × Button Jump/Change to Assigned Stance/Change Throwing Item
PlayStation 4 - L1 Button Block/Parry
PlayStation 4 - R1 Button Quickfire Weapons
PlayStation 4 - L2 Button Aim
Hold: Select Ranged Weapon or Ammo
PlayStation 4 - R2 Button Fire
Hold: Select Stance or Quickfire Weapon
PlayStation 4 - L3 Button Press: Run, Gallop (Horse)
PlayStation 4 - R3 Button Press: Crouch
PlayStation 4 - Directional Button(Left) Call Horse / Mount
PlayStation 4 - Directional Button (Right) Photo Mode
PlayStation 4 - Directional Button(Up) Initiate Standoff
PlayStation 4 - Directional Button (Down) Heal
PlayStation 4 - Touch Pad Button Swipe: Guiding Wind + Gestures
Press: Focused Hearing
PlayStation 4 - Option Button Open Menu

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