Ghost of Tsushima - The Traitor Walkthrough

The Traitor walkthrough (Tales of Tsushima) for Ghost of Tsushima. Included are the side quest's objectives, locations, tales, obtainable items, rewards, materials, collections, enemies, bosses, and strategies for clearing it.

Ghost of Tsushima - The Traitor Walkthrough

The Traitor Walkthrough

Ghost of Tsushima - The Traitor Walkthrough


Tales of Tsushima
The Traitor
Locations Obtainable Items Rewards
  • Ariake Refugee Camp
  • Ariake Lighthouse
  • Minor Legend Increase
  • Minor Melee Charm
  • Samurai Clan Armor Dye
Unlock Conditions
After clearing The Husband, talk to Junshin at the Ariake Refugee Camp.

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Obtainable Items

Item Location


Travel to Ariake Refugee Camp – Join Masako at the top of the lighthouse

1 Head to Ariake Refugee Camp and talk to a monk called Junshin. Afterwards, speak with Masako.
2 Ride to the lighthouse with Masako and defeat the Mongol guards there.
3 Go up the lighthouse to meet with Masako there.


Mongol Guards at the Lighthouse

Switch between Stone and Water stance when taking on the enemies at the lighthouse as the Mongol force consists of swordsmen and shield-bearers. As always, isolate one target from the others and pick them off one by one to avoiding getting surrounded.

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