Ghost of Tsushima - Game Difficulty Modes

A guide on the different game difficulty modes in Ghost of Tsushima, including each mode's features, and recommended difficulty to choose when playing for the first time.

Ghost of Tsushima - Game Difficulty Modes

Game Difficulty Modes

Ghost of Tsushima - Difficulty Modes

Ghost of Tsushima has three difficulty modes available at the start of the game (an additional one is added in the version 1.05 update). The table below summarizes each of their different features.

Difficulty Features
Easy Enemies are not very aggressive and are slow to retaliate during encounters. Very lenient in terms of the timing to execute dodges and parries, making it very easy to punish incoming attacks.
Normal Enemies are fairly aggressive and react at an average pace during encounters. Has a smaller window to execute dodges and parries compared to easy mode, requiring decent timing to evade and counter incoming attacks.
Hard Enemies are very aggressive and react faster in battle. Timing to execute dodges and parries is also strict, requiring precise timing to evade or counter incoming attacks.
Lethal* Enemies are extremely aggressive and the timing to execute dodges and parries is very strict, often requiring near-perfect timing. Weapons (both Jin’s and the enemy’s) can kill in just a few hits. Enemy detection speed during stealth is also significantly increased.

*Added in version 1.05 update.

Information on Difficulty Settings

Difficulty only affects combat.

Ghost of Tsushima - Game Difficulty

Note that the difficulty modes only vary in terms of the enemy’s behavior and timing required to dodge or counter incoming attacks. Enemy health and appearance are consistent across all difficulty modes.

Combat Tips

Difficulty can be changed at any time.

Keep in mind that game difficulty game be changed at any time by opening the menu and going to game settings. If you find that normal difficulty is too easy, try setting the game on hard for a more satisfying level of challenge. Simply lower the difficult again if you are stuck at an encounter for too long.

Which difficulty should I choose?

Ghost of Tsushima - Game Difficulty

It is highly recommended to start the game in normal difficulty when playing the game for the first time. Combat makes up a large portion of the game’s experience and you will be able to appreciate it with a bit of challenge. You can always lower the difficulty anyway if you are stuck on an enemy or boss that you cannot seem to defeat.

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