Ghost of Tsushima - Laid to Rest Walkthrough

Laid to Rest walkthrough (Tales of Tsushima) for Ghost of Tsushima. Included are the side quest's objectives, locations, tales, obtainable items, rewards, materials, collections, enemies, bosses, and strategies for clearing it.

Ghost of Tsushima - Laid to Rest Walkthrough

Laid to Rest Walkthrough

Ghost of Tsushima - Laid to Rest Walkthrough


Tales of Tsushima
Laid to Rest
Locations Obtainable Items Rewards
  • Kazumasa’s Isle
  • Umugi Cove
  • Minor Legend Increase
  • Minor Ranged Charm
  • Halfbow Dye
Unlock Conditions
After clearing Friends in Passing, talk to sensei Ishikawa at the burned-down village on Kazumasa’s Isle.

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Obtainable Items

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Ride with Ishikawa – Stay with Ishikawa and Tomoe

1 After talking to sensei Ishikawa, go with him to the gambling den. After dismounting, sneak your way along some short wooden bridges behind a rock.
2 Approach the hut and go up the ladder to meet Tomoe. Be ready for an ambush afterwards.
3 Defeat the Mongols and follow sensei Ishikawa and Tomoe.

Defeat the Mongol patrol – Stay with Ishikawa and Tomoe

1 Take out the next waves of Mongols that ambush you on the path and continue following sensei Ishikawa and Tomoe. You can pick them off from a distance using the bow, though remember to stay mobile at they will use poisoned arrows.
2 You will eventually reach the Field of the Equinox Flower and another wave of Mongols along the way. Deal with them and continue towards the waypoint to hide in the nearby grove. Afterwards, move with the sensei and Tomoe along the pampas grass to avoid being seen by the Mongols.
3 after the cutscene, approach the two Mongol guards ahead and take out the one on the right (your allies with will with the other one). Stop when you see the Mongol patrol coming in your direction.
4 When the three Mongols gather around the fire, approach the one closest to you and assassinate him. The sensei and Tomoe will take care of the other two.

Find a way through the bog – Don’t let Tomoe get off the island

1 Meet up with the sensei and Tomoe at the swamp.  Move along the pampas grass to avoid detection. Further ahead near Umugi Cove, stay hidden in the pampas grass as Tomoe sets up an ambush.
2 After the ambush, take out the Mongols in the area. Talk to sensei Ishikawa afterwards and follow him to Umugi Cove.
3 The peasant near the entrance of the cove will tell you where Tomoe went. Follow the guiding wind afterwards.


Mongol Ambushes

Since you will have sensei Ishikawa and Tomoe with you to deal with the enemy archers, it is best to focus on the swordsmen and spearmen as your allies do not fare to well in close combat. Pick off the enemies attacking them before charging at the archers still standing.

Use smoke bombs

Smoke bombs will prove invaluable during group encounters to prevent you from being overwhelmed. Use them to disorient melee attackers or hinder archers from taking a good shot at you.

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