Ghost of Tsushima - Horse Guide

A guide on horses in Ghost of Tsushima. Included are information on horse mounts,features, how to unlock, all available horses, basic controls, maneuvers, and obtainable saddles.

Ghost of Tsushima - Horse Mount Guide

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Horse Guide

Riding a Horse

Ghost of Tsushima - Horse Guide

You will be able to travel faster around the island of Tsushima by riding your trusted steed that you will name yourself. Press Left on the directional pad to call him to your side. Use the R2 button to mount your horse.

Exploration Guide

How to Unlock

Choose your horse near the start of the game.

Ghost of Tsushima - Horse Guide

The horse is unlocked during the prologue where you must choose a horse to accompany you throughout the game. After arriving at the stables with Yuna, choose a horse that you want to use as your personal steed. You will also need to name it afterwards.

Prologue Walkthrough

No Effect On Gameplay

All horses have the same performance so the choice only boils down to which color you like. The name you will give your horse also does not have any special effect.

Note that the horse you choose and its name cannot be changed after confirming them.

Unique horse in Digital Deluxe and Collector’s Editions

Ghost of Tsushima - Horse Guide

An additional horse is obtained by purchasing the Ghost of Tsushima Digital Deluxe or Collector’s Editions. As mentioned before, it performs the same as the other two horses if you only have the Standard Edition.

All Available Horses

Color Availability
White All editions
Black All editions
Dapple All editions
Brown Digital Deluxe and Collector’s Editions

All Available Horse Names

Name Meaning
Nobu Trust
Sora Sky
Kage Shadow


Gather items and materials faster.

Ghost of Tsushima - Horse Guide

Besides allowing you to reach your destination faster, riding a horse lets you gather materials and items on the road quicker.

Perform aerial critical strikes.

Ghost of Tsushima - Horse Guide

You can perform an aerial critical strike on an enemy by jumping off your horse using the △ button. This essentially allows you to take out a good chunk of the enemy’s health while mounted, giving foes little time to react because of the horse’s fast speed.

Your horse does not take damage.

Since the horse cannot take damage, it will not die during combat. When attacked, your horse will simply run away. Call him after defeating all enemies to ride him again.

Basic Controls

Command Input
Call Directional Pad Left
R2 Mount
△ Button Critical Strike



The Hero of Tsushima skin set included in the Ghost of Tsushima Digital Deluxe and Collector’s Editions comes with a unique saddle for your horse.

Saddle How to Obtain
Hero of Tsushima Saddle Included in the Ghost of Tsushima Digital Deluxe and Collector’s Editions.

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